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Here is a book review geared towards 9-12 year olds:  Great Motion Mission by Annick Press.  First a little about Annick Press:



Annick Press is recognized as one of the most innovative and cutting-edge publishers of books for children and young adults.  True to its motto of “Excellence and Innovation in Children’s Literature”, Annick Press is committed to creating dynamic, ground-breaking by Canadian and international authors.  We constantly strive to offer children and teens positive reading experiences that are self-affirming, educational, and entertaining.

Great Motion Mission, The Surprising Story of Physics In Everyday Life:


When the summer fair is canceled to make way for a physics conference, Jeremy agrees to help his uncle protest. But their mission is foiled by Audrey, a young science whiz, who sets out to prove that physics is in everything we do, and also is really cool.

Audrey shows how physics can help a baseball pitcher throw a great breaking ball or a hockey player skate faster. She explains how gravity and the laws of motion make rides at the fair so exhilarating, and that forensic physicists could help the art gallery determine if a valuable painting is a fake.

From sports to art to music to nature, Audrey shows how the laws of physics play a starring role.

Price:  softcover $14.95.

My take:  I liked this book because it is written in a way that is interesting to children and adults alike.  Each chapter starts out with a story then goes in depth answering/explaining how physics is used in everyday life.




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