7 Reasons why you Need to Visit Jackson Hole this Winter

Winter is here and so are your holidays. Want to soak up the wintry feel to the T? Wondering where to go? Well, we have the perfect destination on our mind for your winter vacay. Jackson Hole it is. If you are a winter person, there’s nothing like Jackson Hole. It’s eye-pleasing views and the picturesque atmosphere is ethereal in every sense of the term. Be the snow-capped mountains or the mind-boggling resorts, it’s a tourist’s paradise. Zero in on your preferred rental home in Jackson Hole and make the most of your winter escapades. Also, it’s a wildlife photographer’s dream place. The enormity of wildlife it has will blow your mind. And if you are still wondering as to why should you fly down to Jackson Hole, here are some of the reasons: 

  1. Breathtaking scenery: 

If you are in awe of nature and you don’t mind spending hours on nature and gawking at it, then Jackson Hole is definitely your kind of place. Its breathtaking scenery will knock you off your feet. Thebeauty gets several notches better during the fall. Courtesy its snow-cappedmountains. So, here’s a big shout out to all the nature buffs, do not miss outon Jackson Hole this winter. Take out your camera and capture most of thisgargantuan beauty.

  • Wildlife:

Jackson Hole is the perfect destination for wildlife lovers.  The Grand Teton Nation Park in Jackson Hole is known for its wildlife. The mountain range along with its coterie of wildlife makes for a perfect escape. It’s no less than a fairytale during winters. From elk to bison, from moose to antelope, and from bighorn to sheep, this park has all of it. The exotic wildlife will be etched in your mind forever. Also, a small note for photographers who are confused about which lens should they choose, don’t forget to carry a 200-400 mm lens. It’s best for wildlife photography.


It’s Jackson Hole calling this winter. Are you an adventure freak and you have been wanting to ski your way out this winter, then hit the road to Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole is the best ski area in North America. Besides, snowballing and snowshoeing are also some of the sought after activities one must give a shot during winters. And if you think that’s it, then you are definitely wrong. There’s a bunch of other activities which you can also take to. Dog sledging, ice climbing, snow tubing, ice skating are also equally fun activities. So, peeps, this winter don’t laze around and coup yourself inside your room. Go for some adventure sport in Jackson Hole.

  • Art it is:

The Fall Arts Festival which takes place in the winter makes Jackson Hole one of the most attractive places for art lovers. Be it music or wine, good food or some eye-grabbing pieces of art, the art festival is one of its kind. So, if you think Jackson Hole is all about nature, then you are definitely wrong. It has a lot to serve on its plate, and art is no stranger to this place.

  • Fat biking:

Now, you might be wondering what’s fat biking. Well, fat biking includes a bike which is like any other normal bike but its tyres are 3.8 inches wide. Winter fall is the best season for fat biking. The fat tyres can handle nearly any terrain. However, it requires a lot of strength to handle a fat bike. It isn’t a cakewalk for sure. But all said and done it is worth every bit of it. It’s sheer fun. So if you are crazy about bikes, then you better don’t miss out on this one. Also biking your way on a fat bike makes for a perfect Instagram moment. Take your shades on, wear a grungy helmet and get on your fat bike.

  • The two shades of Jackson Hole:

Winter is all about fog and mist, while summer is about the red-tainted burning sky, but have you seen a place which juxtaposes the flavour of both summer and winter in an amusing way? Well, Jackson Hole does that. Why so you ask? That’s because many a times afternoons in Jackson Hole exudes a warmth which is quite similar to the summer season, making for a favourable climatic condition for hiking and fishing. Yet you will never miss out on the wintry feels as the other days give you the perfect winter vibes. Now, isn’t that quite unique and exciting? It’s completely a toothsome delish for nature lovers who can never have enough of it.

  • Brakeman burgers:   

Jackson Hole has something special for food buffs as well. Brakeman burgers it is. The Brakeman, a small food joint which is a stone-throwaway from Jackson Hole, serves some excellent burgers and we bet you, you can never have enough of them. They are juicy and toothsome. Plus, there’s also a milkshake right beside the food joint. Taste the huckleberry milkshake out there. It’s worth a visit. So now you know where to go if you are hungry in Jackson Hole.

Don’t hole yourself up in a room instead go to Jackson Hole this winter. Be it adventure sport or wildlife, good food or some intriguing art festivals, this one hell of a place has anything and everything under the sun. So, what are your waiting for peeps? Pack your bags, pull up your socks and jet set go. It’s Jackson Hole time.