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I was recently given the chance to review the 4Moms Cleanwater Infant bath tub. At first I thought ok another uncomfortable tub for my son to be squirmy and just plain miserable in for the 10 minutes of bath time (we have tried so many already).  So I popped in the three AA batteries needed for the digital thermometer then took it to the sink and started filling it up. I went and grabbed Gavin to let him try out his new tub and WOW no fussing, he didn’t throw a fit at all or arch his back upward out of discomfort wanting to get out as he normally would do. He appeared to be very comfortable right away. So could it be that 4 babies and gosh knows how many different tubs later I have actually found a great Infant tub, and for around $40 it’s pretty affordable too. The only thing I think I would like to see on it is maybe some sort of sling for younger babies to keep the head stable. Gavin really fit in this tub very well due to the deep seat he was able to sit more elevated than in his previous tub.


The Cleanwater Infant tub makes bath time cleaner, quicker and much easier. This tub is very mommy friendly. There is no more sitting in dirty water, and no more rinsing in dirty water YEAH!!! Dirty water is very easily flushed out of the tub thanks the contoured shape and the side drain. This tub has a clean water reservoir to make rinsing with clean water a breeze. Just dip the provided rinse cup into the clean water reservoir and rinse your baby. IT’S GREAT!!

With my previous tub, the Fisher Price Rainforest, I let the water run continuously anyway since I wanted to rinse my son with clean water, but then the tub would fill up to unsafe levels even with the provided infant sling water would still reach his ears but not with the cleanwater Infant tub. With this tub there is a high angled back for Gavin to rest against  which assures me Gavin will have no water anywhere near his ears.


Also, every time I would adjust the water flow on my old tub I would have to make sure to carefully monitor the temperature to make sure it didn’t get too hot for Gavin. With the 4Moms Cleanwater Infant Tub you run the water continuously into a reservoir area which moderates temperature changes. When the water flows over into the tub it goes over a temperature sensor. When the temperature is too cold the display turns blue, when the temperature is too hot the display will turn red and beep, and when it’s just right the display is green and the digital display shows the temperature is now in the “comfort zone”. The water flows into the wash area and then out a hole in the side to keep the tub full of squeaky clean water the whole time. If you want a lower level of water in the tub there is another drain plug a bit lower on the side of the tub you can open. There are three drain plugs plus the side wall drain, this means no need to tip the tub upside down to drain all the water out so it makes clean up very quick and easy.

There are also two, yes two cubby holes one on each side of the tub. I used one for the rinse cup and the other for the baby wash. It was great having those things right there in there little cubbies within my reach when I needed them.

I also love the fact that it fits perfectly in my double sink (made to fit single basin sinks as well), I mean it really is secure. I don’t have to worry about the tub sliding all around or rocking and tipping over while I’m trying to wash Gavin (yet another problem with our previous baby tub). The 4Moms Cleanwater Infant bath tub really makes our nightly bathing routine so much easier for Gavin and Mommy too.

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  1. I would love to win this for my daughter. I love that it has built in temperature control. I’m always worried if it’s too hot or too cold. I also like that it uses running water and my baby is getting a clean water at all times. Really cool product

  2. My worst baby bath experience actually happened yesterday. I was carrying my baby undressed while preparing the bath water. It always takes me a while to get the temperature right. Guess what?? My baby pee and poo on me!!

  3. I learned that the dirty water drains away so the baby is always in clean water! One of my BFs just found out she is expecting so I am working on getting her some needed items! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  4. My worst bath is the one I have now. It doesn’t have a place for my baby to recline so I have to hold him up or lay him flat in it. He hates both ways and cries during the whole bath.

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