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We love 4 The Love of Couture! At Mommy PR, I personally love them most because of their great service, fast responses to your inquiries, and immediate shipping! Besides the great customer service, they have amazing designer products at huge discounts!

4 The Love of Couture is expanding as well. I found myself scrolling through all their new items, particularly the new baby gift sets wishing I knew someone having a baby so I could buy one. 

 The Luxeport Bamboo Fleece Blanket is soft, strong, durable and wicks away mositure from the body – and it’s calling my name and asking for nap time!

4 The Love of Couture has a whole line of new bamboo and silk blankets, throws, and bedding! If you purchase 2 of their blankets in the same transaction, you get 10% off. If you want to get a blanket for each member of your family and you purchase 3 blankets in the same transaction you can take 15% off!

Because 4 The Love of Couture is really as awesome as I claim, they are also offering all Mommy PR readers an additional 15% off any purchase! Just use the code “MMPR” to get your EXTRA 15% off – This can be combined with the silk & bamboo multiple-purchase discount as well. You could get 30% off three blankets in one transaction! So if you’re looking for soft, comfortable silk or bamboo bedding, now is the time to load up!

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  1. ta sardina · Edit

    The SILK DUVET light weight is an item to have for a very long time.

  2. janet louise · Edit

    I heart the Bamboo Baby Blanket Fleece:)
    Ty 4 the awesome review ,giveaway and 4 the entry:)

  3. The silk douvet would be a great little piece of luxury. Sad to see that this store is closing. They had so many nice items in so many catagories.

  4. camper223@live.com · Edit

    The SILK DUVET would look really nice in my bedroom

    Thank you


  5. I just went to pick out my favorite thing and it looks like they’re closing and you can’t even browse to see what they had. I really want bamboo sheets and was hoping to get a decent deal with the coupon and all. Oh well. Darn. They are still honoring the contests, which is really nice.

  6. wendy wallach · Edit

    Since the website is closing, I was unable to view any other items at all. I hope this does not DQ me. I would love to win this perfume.

    madamerkf at aol dot con

  7. christine H · Edit

    I absolutely LOVE the fringed reversable throw! Thank you for the contest!

  8. patricia gambrell · Edit

    i just love the Bamboo Baby Blanket Fleece thanks for the great review

  9. Burberry Brit is one of my favorite scents! I hope that I win!

  10. JoAnn Legano · Edit

    The Bamboo baby blanket, it’s truely amazing what they can do with bamboo.

  11. When I go to the website it says that there is “Sorry, but there are no products matching this criteria. Please try again.” Crap! I really wanted to see these! Hopefully I can still enter this contest?


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