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I recently had the opportunity to try Zoës Kitchen.


Zoës, which means LIFE in Greek, offers fresh ingredients in original recipes to complement your active lifestyle. Our Mediterranean-inspired menu is made FRESH daily in generous portions, sure to satisfy every member of the family. Taste our food and discover why people say it’s so addictive!

Most play dates are planned, but some creep up on you due to a change in schedules or begging from the little one. This back-to-school season,Zoës Kitchen is encouraging moms to be prepared with wholesome hunger satisfying play date snacks.  Zoës Kitchen provides customized catering options with a tasty, healthy, treats – that won’t spoil dinner and don’t require time in the kitchen.

The Zoës Kitchen Kids’ Party Pack includes fun foods that are ultimate 3:00 p.m. pick-me-up.  Featuring an assortment of delicious chicken salad, turkey and cheese sandwiches, fresh fruit and mini chocolate chip cookies, tummies will be satisfied and fueled for games of tag and sidewalk chalk sketching. 

Below are some examples of play date situations and tips on how to get through them like a pro:

·        The Stow Away – It’s 3 p.m. and you just picked up your child from school. You say goodbye to the other moms on the playground and hop into your driver’s seat. You drive away and are graced with the words “Mom, Billy is coming over!” You look in your rear view mirror to see Billy staring back. Don’t worry, Zoës Kitchen has you covered!

·        The Two for Five – You agreed to let your child have two friends over after school. When you get to the pick-up spot at school, your daughter is standing there with her five science-club friends. Don’t worry, Zoës Kitchen has you covered!

·        The Saturday Surprise – It’s Saturday and your children have been bike riding through the neighborhood. Zack comes over with your son to play the rest of the day, but by 5 p.m. you realize he is not going anywhere. Have an extra mouth to feed? Don’t worry, Zoës Kitchen has you covered!

My take:  I was excited because my daughter and I had the opportunity to have a lunch date with Daddy since he works downtown, where the nearest Zoës, is located.  It was a hard choice but I decided to choose the Chicken Roll-Ups with fresh fruit as a side:


While my husband chose the Greek Salad:


Baby girl decided to munch on both of our choices and we all were happy with our selections.  The fresh fruit was a perfect completement to the chicken roll-ups which were super tasty.  My husband said the Greek Salad was good as well.  If you are looking for a new place to eat, Zoës Kitchen is a great place to try!


Press Sample

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