Zippo Candle Lighter Review


The Zippo Candle Lighter is sporting a cheerful Snowflake wrap for the holidays. Underneath the new look, it’s the same mini MPL® that has been a favorite for gift giving and home decorating since its introduction nearly four years ago. It’s sized for a smaller hand and easy to use, with an advanced soft-touch ignition system. Made of durable metal, the Candle Lighter features a patented child-resistant safety button, a fuel supply window for the refillable butane tank, and an adjustable flame dial.

Zippo® Candle Lighter Features:

  • 7 Unique Styles Perfect For Any Room or Occasion
  • Zippo Lifetime Guarantee
  • Sleek Ergonomic Design
  • Patented child safety button
  • Fuel-level Indicator
  • Adjustable Flame Dia

I was sent a brand new product from Zippo. It kind of came at a great time for me. I am just becoming at peace with having candles in my home. Usually i have them just sitting there for decoration or when the kids are like 50 miles away. I just do not trust my children or my pets around candles. I am scared to death of fire seriously. Anyways, i have become more of a thrill seeker (laugh i know you want to lol), and i have a few great candles around the kitchen (its the only place i keep them so far..near water). I started out using matches and slowly progressed to a rather large lighter like the ones you can use on a grill. The one problem with the longer ones is that for shorter candles you either have to maneuver your hand or tip the jar upside down. With this new Zippo Candle Lighter, its shorter, has a much harder (believe me!) safety button and fits into any jar.

I was able to select the one i would like and i choose the snowflake one for the holidays. It arrived in a really adorable case that looks like a purse. I will say they are very girlie, i couldn’t see my husband using it at all. The only draw back i had was learning how to use the new safety feature. I am use to the “push up and then press down”. This one has it on both sides so it takes more brain capacity to figure it out. That, or else its idiot proof lol.

The only other downfall that most women may have is the price. These cute lighters will set you back $15-$20 each. If you look at it from the refillable aspect, its a good investment though. If you don’t really use lighters as often, it may not appease to you.

Either way, check them out and see if one grabs your fancy. You never know, the leopard print in your home may need a lighter to match.

Please keep all candles away from children & pets.

Use all lighters in a safe environment.


I received a Zippo Candle Lighter to help with my review.

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