Your Dream Job Has Now Been Filled


If you have been eyeing the job of a Coach Bag designer, consider it taken. Not by me of course. I could never be that lucky.

Coach (one of my uber favorite hand bags) has partnered with 4 bloggers to design a handbag each, and as of yesterday, you can now purchase one of these collectors!

After my shade of green envy subsided, i ventured to each bloggers site. I could see why each was chosen for the job. Each lady has her own sense of being, class, and design.

They were meant for this.

My favorite of the 4? Emily’s Satchel from Cupcakes And Cashmere. The size seems perfect for me, its versatile with a long and short strap, and what doesn’t scream feminine like PINK?

How much will a Emily Original set you back? $498

Check out all 4 bags and visit the receptive bloggers below.

Emily's Satchel From Cupcakes & Cashmere

Cupcakes And Cashmere

Krystal's Fringe Shoulder Bag From What Is Reality Anyway

What Is Reality Anyway

Karla's Clutch From Karla's Closet

Karla’s Closet

Kelly's Drawstring Pouch From The Glamourai

The Glamourai

Let me know if you purchase one! I want pictures!


This is just an opinion post.

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  1. Oooooo that pink is nice nice nice- that would be great in any color! Am I getting one? no- but can look for free 🙂

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