WONKA Exceptionals Review



I would never eat a full candy bar in one setting and I definitely would not hide chocolate in my own house so nobody else would get their hands on it. And I most certainly would not lie on the internet about my chocolate eating habits!

Well, if you want some good chocolate that you’ll be hoarding from your family…or better yet, if you want to give a delightful gift that your family members, friends and coworkers will be hiding from their families and secretly eating when nobody is watching, then you’ve got to get your hands on the tasty WONKA Exceptionals!

With chocolate bar flavors that include “Scrumdiddlyumptious Chocolate” which is such a Willy Wonka kind of name featuring toffee, nuts and cookie pieces in one bar and “Chocolate Waterfall” which includes both milk chocolate and white chocolate in the same bar! Can you say yummy?! And these are the perfect size for stuffing in stockings for even the pickiest relatives.
WONKA also sent me a couple boxes of WONKA Exceptionals Fruit Jellies. Okay…I like sugary goodies, but I’m not a huge fan of jelly treats. So in the spirit of the holiday season, I opened up the box with some friends to enjoy them with me. After I popped the first one in my mouth, I no longer felt like sharing! These little sugar-coated cubes are packed with flavor, and they are soft chewy (I don’t like a jaw-workout when I’m eating) so even young ones would really enjoy these tasty treats. Again, these make perfect stocking stuffers and come in a variety of flavors including Apple and Goji Berry.

And if you have twenty nieces and nephews that you have to buy something small for but you’re always at a loss about what to get them, then you really must check out the Paul Frank Nestle Crunch bar…this unique bar is perfectly decorated for the holidays and comes complete with a built-in card and a tasty Crunch bar on the inside! You can find the Paul Frank Crunch bar in Targets and Paul Frank stores nationwide.

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