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I love when my family has the chance to explore things around the area. It’s the one great thing about moving from place to place so often. You get to see local spots over and over in every new area.

I had heard about this ‘wolf place’ not too far from us, but never seen any personal photos or had any of my close friends mention anything. Having a Siberian Husky, he so often reminds me of a wolf in his looks sometimes. That may be why our family has a love for wolves. Going off to visit the Wolf Haven International was going to be way too much fun!

Off on our road trip, this haven is appropriately set far out in the country. Entry and exit is by one gate, and one long country road. The scenery along the way is something I had not seen in Washington at all. The flowers blooming along the way were stunning, and proved to be everywhere on the rolling hills of the Wolf Haven Prairie as well.

While on the prairie you can walk around a large grandfather tree (see photos below), read information about the local birds and plants in the area. It’s amazing to see the way the ground rolls so beautifully. It looks to never end, as it slowly leads you on a walking path past flowers, tree, and the echos of the howling wolves. Taking it all in makes you want to camp out for the night just to listen to it longer. It has this peaceful feeling, as loud as the howls were.

Going back to the actual tour, we met our tour Representative, who was one of many volunteers. These are not paid employees telling you what you want to hear about the wolves and area. These are men and women who care so deeply about the animals, that they dedicate their time to the teachings.

She was exceptionally knowledgeable at each stop. Telling us the names, birth dates, mating, births, etc of each and every wolf. The way these wolves live and interact was incredible to see. Each had their own way of life and you could see it as you went from one to another. My own heart fell in love with Caedus, a black phase wolf, who’s owner had to deploy and ended up donating him to the conservation. They told about how when he 1st came to the organization, he still acted like a pup, not knowing how much wolf he really had going through him. His den mother they paired him with though, slowly and surely taught him the way. While standing their, we witnessed this as she played and rough housed with him. For me, it wasn’t his look or the way he acted. I think it was his background that pulled at my heart strings. Knowing the owner he loved had to answer a call of duty and leave him behind. It was as if you could see the memories in his eyes of the past as he looked at us. But their was surely no hurt or sadness as it was gone in an instant, and he was off to cause his den mother more trouble and play.

The other wolf that was stuck on my mind was Pahana, or the one with out a voice. You really need to know the background of how Pahana and a few others ended up at Wolf Haven. Coming to them from a horrible caged house with deplorable conditions even for a rat. No one is sure as to why he has the howl he has. It sounds as if you are saying “wooo” very very very softly. My poor heart melted as soon as I seen him. He has a shy demeanor but you could tell he craved attention at the same time. His coloring was amazing , and once we heard him howl ‘wooo’, I was sold. Our tour guide mentioned that he is the top wolf for adoptions. Everyone loves Pahana and I can see why.

The tour does not last long, about 1 hour from start to finish, without the prairie walk or through the wolf graves. Its stroller friendly, fine for kids/babies of any age, and easy enough for motorized wheelchairs & scooters. There are campgrounds, which sell out fast during their howl-in’s parts of the year, restrooms, and a gift shop on the premises. Prices range for tours varying for a regular walk through like we did , or a specialty like a Photography Tour.

Here are all my photos from the event:

(Click any photo to enlarge)

One thing that Wolf Haven.org does is honor it’s fallen. No matter the age or cause, each gets a proper burial. Headstone and all. You can purchase an personalized engraved stone for the walk way, or stop by and leave a memento on the grave of any wolf.  I was told that a few of the graves are never seen without certain things. One always has a crown and one a dreamcatcher. It’s sweet to see people take such a love and interest to these wolves.

Our trip was overwhelming (in a good way). Our daughters were amazed to hear and see all the animals they did, and each left with a trinket from the tour. I am sure I left out some information, so please check out these links for more great readings:

Visit the Wolf Haven if you are ever in the area:

3111 Offut Lake Rd. SE

Tenino, Washington 98589

(800) 448-9653

The Wolf Haven International has offered a wonderful giveaway. It’s open to anyone worldwide, too! If your child (or you!) loves wildlife, you will be happy to win this; 1 year adoption of any wolf from the Wolf Haven!

Win It!

1 winner will get to select the wolf of their choice from the website, and be award a 1-year adoption!

View everything about a Wolf Adoption.


Visit Wolf Haven International and tell me which wolf your family would like to adopt.


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  1. I can’t pick one! They are all beautiful, i think Ukiah reminds me of my dad’s Siberian Husky. Great review and pics..thanks!!

  2. I like Shiloh. I think it’s great that he came from the streets (eating cat food left out by residents) and how he has a great home with a partner in crime!

  3. i am not sure which one to pick. we are real wolf lovers in my home (so much so that my middle son is named wolfgang actually!) I like caedus, ladyhawk and peyote a lot though. my kids arent home now but if we won i would have to ask them!:)

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