Wogging Smooth Fitness Update 2 #SmoothBlogger {4 Pounds Down!}


Since my last update, their has been craziness happening, eating habits changed and I learned to run. Hilarious I know.

I recently visited my doctor to be cleared for travel overseas. He wanted to just make sure everything in every area was A OK and ordered a blood test. Surprisingly it came back with results I never would have guessed. High Cholesterol but extremely high Triglycerides. Ah poop. I knew what did it. I knew I was playing with fire eating anything I wanted and not exercising much. Plus I like to eat sour candy and gummy bears to my hearts content. But looks like my hearts content may come sooner than expected if I keep up my ways.

The same day I found out, I changed my diet immediately. I am actually kind of glad this happened. Otherwise, I may have never changed the way I eat (or what I eat). I am now on a very strict diet of greens, fruits, no dairy, no meat except fish, peanuts (any variety), no sugar, no butters, salts, and the list goes on. At first I thought I would be reduced to just salad and tuna, but quickly had to put my brain to the test and create my own meals. I could pan fry veggies in olive oil and mix in tuna that way. Today I made fish on the grill and ate cut up pieces of various peppers. I may have a few things repeat, but I find it less and less hard each day. The 1st week was the worst with sugar withdraw. Yesterday when we went down the candy isle, I almost felt like crying. I am not even making a joke on that. I wanted to quit and grab my favorite sours.

I can say my body feels differently. I feel lighter when I walk, more awake, more energetic, and I never pooped more regularly ever in my life. Plus, combined with my wonderful treadmill from Smooth Fitness, I lost 4 pounds! It is kind of nice to eat as much greens as you want all day. Its like snacking but guilt free. I don’t really call it a diet, as much as it is a change in my life. It’s not an “I want to” change. It’s an “I have to” change.

Anytime a doctor tells you to change your lifestyle, they always add “food” with “exercise”. I have to agree that my treadmill has helped my weight loss and energy. I started out just a couple weeks ago at wogging (see my 1st post about Smooth Fitness.) , and now I have already worked my self up to a wog, run, wog, run. It may not be for long intervals but I really did not think my stubby legs could carry me at a pace faster than the 2.5 on there. Seeing it go to 5 on the speed rate was shocking. I even lived through it. Red, sweaty, and completely out of breath, but I made it out alive.

I am very optimistic about this process. I can not turn back because the only person I have to answer to is my children. I have to get this weight off to survive. It’s that simple. Run, walk or wog; like the song.. I will Survive.

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  1. No better reason to change what you eat and turn that wog into a run than to be healthy! Can’t wait to see how well you keep doing in upcoming updates!

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