Win a Freestanding Towel Warmer from Thermique


I had the opportunity to review an award winning towel warmer from Thermique.

Clearly unique, Thermique freestanding towel warmers are made with an elegant pane of heated glass and housed in designer metal frames. They emit uniform heat perfect for completely warming and drying towels and linens. Beautiful, cutting-edge, mobile, efficient, easy to use…an ideal gift for anyone

It was such a cool experience since i had not really heard too much of these products. I had no idea how large one was until the poor UPS driver was all but drenched in sweat bringing it to my door. I could not help but laugh at the size. The box was absolutely huge, but after opening it, i seen why. These towel warmers are all glass. I don’t know if i ever envisioned what a towel warmer looked like but glass was mostly not in it. I had no idea glass was even used for this type of item. But, i do like it that way. It can basically sit anywhere and match any color coordination since its see through.

Freestanding Towel Warmer

Start each day with a moment of simple joy by wrapping yourself in a warm towel! The Thermique heated glass towel warmer provides you with a five-star spa experience at home every day, while enhancing your bathroom with its elegant yet powerful design.
No other towel warmer is as beautiful as a Thermique heated glass towel warmer. For the first time, you can have a towel warmer that matches your décor and not just your fixtures!

Product Length: 15.0 inches
Product Width: 28.5 inches
Product Height: 37.75 inches
Product Weight: 42.0 pounds

There are 3 colors in the freestanding section. White, Chrome, Black. Chrome is most expensive and White is least. I received the white one to review. It matched my bathroom best so it worked great.

My bathroom is super small, i am talking one person inside gives yourself claustrophobia.  We placed it up against the wall as far as we could and left it there till today, then placing it just outside the bathroom door. We used it every day to see how hot it would get and if it even worked. I will mention to those moms out there, the glass does get hot to the touch but not enough to burn a child. Please use your own judgment and keep tiny hands away though. Some days we would just go in to turn it one and see if it would overheat (or just because it was fun.)

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I could see this towel warmer in luxury homes and hotels. This is the towel warmer that Trump needs to endorse. I like that you can put up to 4 towels on it at a time. (2 layers side by side).  It also has only one button that controls everything. It’s so simple, on or off. The heating brain element is all programed in, so when you do turn it on, it already knows what temperature to go up to and to only stay on for 2 hours. Yes, it turns off itself in case you forget. That is my favorite part.  Plus, its not just for towels! You can put your clothes on it too. It’s great for delicate bras that you don’t want to stick in the dryer.

The entire glass surface radiates heat at a uniform temperature for precise performance in any application. With a patented control unit, the glass temperature can be adjusted manually or automatically anywhere from 75° F (23.9° C) to 350° F (176.7° C).

So what is my overall review of this luxury towel warmer?

I do like having something that warms my towels when i get out of the shower. That is of course wonderful. Also the fact of it being heated glass is great to me. It makes it look classy, and chic. My only draw back of this item is the price. I did not expect it to be $1300 (On sale for $700, although it’s half the original price of its sister product, the wall mounted towel warmer). After some reading around the web, it looks like a lot of interior designers actually purchase this to be placed in the homes they remodel or decorate. So it is a highly sought after piece for those who can afford it. Also it is for larger rooms. You really need to have the extra room in your bathroom for this warmer.

If you are wanting to indulge this tax time, and a great towel warmer is on your list. Go check out Thermique!

Of course i would not review something i would not want to give you….

One lucky winner will receive a Thermique White Freestanding Towel Warmer

Rv- $1299.99 On sale for $699.99


Tell me why you would want to win a towel warmer from Thermique.


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  1. I would love to win the towel warmer for my husband he is so cold when he gets out of the shower! suelee1998 @

  2. I’d love to have a warm towel to dry off with and wrap up in when i get out of the shower. I hate getting out and it feels like I’m in alaska!
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  3. I want to win this because I am spoiled after using the warm towels at a hotel I stayed in. They feel so great when you get out of the cold shower!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  4. Ohhh that is awesome! I shiver like crazy when I get out of the shower.. it’s so cold up north. I’m pregnant and it just seems like everything is much colder feeling now as weird as that sounds LOL. I’ll bet my husband would like it too!

  5. My house is so old the bathroom never gets warm! I would love to be able to wrap a warm towel around me when I step out of the warm shower into a cold bathroom.

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