WIN 4 Tickets to See @IceSpeedWay at @CrownComplexNC

This is a sponsored post 

Are you ready for some FUN! I know I am very excited, and especially on my husbands birthday! We love watching these types of shows and events. 

Wheel-to-wheel, bumping and grinding with razor sharp studded tires!  Proving World Championship Ice Racing to be THE GREATEST SPECTACLE ON ICE!!

Come join World Championship ICE Racing at the Crown Complex for ONE night only! Featuring THE biggest names in professional Motorcycle ICE Racing and THE CRAZIEST riders on earth racing WILD Unlimited Outlaw Quads and MORE!!  Rocketing around the Crown Coliseum’s solid ice track with RAZOR SHARP studded tires at INSANE SPEEDS; going from 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds; All racing for the most prestigious World Championship ICE Racing Title.

This action packed professional night of racing comes with chills, spills and thrills and a no-holds-barred racing attitude that will keep you on the edge of your seats! You don’t want to miss any of this!

I am SOOOOO excited!! I don’t think the kids even know what is happening but you wait till they see it in person and start screaming with mom! Especially my oldest, who thinks she is ready to do jumps and flips herself lol!

Want to go with me?? Win a family 4 pack from the Crown Complex!!

{This is a LOCAL giveaway. No travel or accommodations are included. Winner’s tickets will be at Will Call}

I received tickets in exchange for my post.