Why Personalized Gifts Make Great Presents

Finding the perfect gift for someone is not easy, especially if you are dealing with a small budget. What if you want to give your loved ones something really special but you don’t have the money to spend on expensive presents?

You can always look for items on sale, but this can be exhausting especially if you are really at a loss for what to buy.

Personalizing items you give as gifts can make what might seem like an ordinary gift much more special.

When someone receives a personalized gift from you, it shows them that you gave their present some thought and have taken the time to give them something unique and different.

The Personal Touch

You can personalize your gifts based on your relationship. For example, a mug is just a mug. However, when you add the words “best mom ever” or “best friends” you are bringing your relationship into the picture and adding that special touch.

For your sportsloving friend, how about engraving their name on a sports ball? Or for the little ballerina in your life, you can add her initials to personalize a nutcracker doll.

How about your neighbor who is a small business owner? You can help them with their future gift giving by buying them something they can use to personalize their own business items with branding irons.

Business owners will often give out promotional items during holiday times or at conferences and other events.

It’s The Thought That Counts

It is really hard in today’s economy to have enough money to spend on presents for those you care about. Most of us are living paycheck to paycheck and don’t have extra money to spend on presents for the special people in our lives.

This is why personalizing otherwise ordinary items can show how much you care about someone without costing money you don’t have.

Works for Any Occasion

There is no reason to get stressed out when you have to buy a gift. The fact that there are so many options for gifts to personalize should help you relax. Enjoy the holiday season or wedding you are attending without having to worry about what you can give as a present.

Ideas of Gifts to Personalize

The number of items you can personalize for gifts knows no bounds. Below are several ideas:


Almost everyone drinks either coffee or tea and uses mugs. You can personalize a mug with words like “world’s best dad” or “I love my kids”. Another really unique suggestion is to add an image to a mug. For the pet lovers in your life, carrying around a mug with a picture of their puppy can bring them delight.

Cutting boards

People who love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen are likely to make frequent use of their cutting boards while preparing meals. How nice would it be for them to have a personalized cutting board with their initials on it?

Keepsake Boxes

Many people have special little boxes that they keep important things in like special jewelry or rare coins. The great thing about this gift item is that people of all ages would find it useful and extra special when personalized.

Picture Frames

So many people, when faced with the choice of what to buy someone they might not know very well, might decide that a picture frame would be a good idea.

However, some people might think that no thought is involved when receiving a picture frame as a gift. When you personalize the same item, it becomes much more special and makes it stand out from the other picture frames someone might have received as a present.


Why not customize an ornament for the holiday season as a present? It is something that can be used every year and has that little extra touch to make it special.


Choose pictures that are funny, memorable, or really important to someone special in your life and put them on a set of coasters. You can use the same picture or different ones for the same set. Or you can personalize coasters with someone’s name or words that express their relationship to you like “best friend”.

The next time you have to buy a present for someone you care about, consider personalizing it to make it extra special.