What The Crap Have You Been Up To In Germany?! PS- I Never Want To Leave


I know I have been so freakin MIA. I have been just living life day to day. But the hours are so different (i am 6 hours ahead of NY) that I am kinda off my blogging game. My mail is like 2 weeks behind so when someone says they mailed me something why haven’t I got it yet … 3 days later. I have to explain that my mail mail must pick it up at your house, drive to NYC, hop a plane to Germany, fight his way through customs, drive to my base and then leave me a yellow card that says ‘Come get your dang package’. And let me also state that I live 35 mins from my post office so If I head home before it gets here, I am not turning back around. Plus I do pay to have stuff shipped here. I swear no company wants to ship USPS mail which is all I can receive  So I have to use a place called APOBOX.com and when the company ships it to them, then I pay a fee plus shipping to get it to me. In 3 months I spent over $600 in shipping. I am up to my eyeballs in being tired real quick for non USPS reviews.

But on the flip side, who else can say they live in Europe for the second time and have visited castles and historic places some people only dream about?! I do keep our Instagram updated almost daily with my pets and various stuff i get in the mail or scenery around here. Our house is great. We live in Weiden (google map that) and we have a garage, front and back fenced in yard, and the home itself is 4 levels. 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, huge man cave, storage room, and laundry room. The kitchen is far bigger than the one in Washington. We always joked that you could never open the oven and the dishwasher at the same time. Here, I have an abundance of room but still did have to give away a few pieces.

Locally, I have visited a few of the grocery stores and bakeries. I love love love the Doners (its like a Gyro). Yum freakin yum! I have found some things cheaper on the economy than at our base shopping center. Tampons, TP, wine; all cheaper. The land here is green. green. green. Amazingly GREEN. There are little towns every mile it seems. You can drive through 10 towns before you even reach a “city”. The houses in some are extraordinary  I call them “family houses”. They look huge and might have been passed down from one generation to another. There is so much history in each town that just driving through them makes me happy. I want to live in each one for a day or a week and just soak it all up.

Little things from back home have made me happy too. Starbucks. Need i say more? Oh and the chocolate here. Dear lord its every woman’s dream! Its so good! So creamy and rich. It just tastes like REAL chocolate not a pile of sugar. McD’s is not the same but it is. Basically they look the same and have the same style but the food is different and so much fun to try. I had a Surf & Turf and it was …lets say interesting.

Coupons. I decided to branch out, way out, of my comfort zone and have met a ton of friend via couponing. I started a group here and we are already at almost 170 member since just October. We meet up monthly for meetings and coupon swaps. I even met with our managers of 2 base stores to get couponing back on track! We can use coupons here up to 6 months past the expiration dates so if you want to mail us your old ones, we will gladly take them! The couponers on Instagram have been an outstanding help to our group.

Our dog loves it here and we adopted 2 cats (brothers) a short time after arriving. My girls like it here a ton. We honestly could never leave and be perfectly happy retiring here. We love the cleanliness of the whole country and the recycling. You actually get paid back for bottles! Even if you are sitting at a bakery with a cola, if you give it back before you leave, you get cash back right there. Then again, you won’t find any beer in cans or pop in cans unless you are on base (*rare off base*).

Although we can only say a handful of things in German, we get by just fine. Germans can speak a bit of english so it ends up working out. If all else we just wing it or use our cell phones to decifer words and meanings. We haven’t ran into any problems. We have a “Schwanns” type of food truck here. Everything looks amazing in the booklet so I ordered a few things and can’t wait to try them. One of my other favorites is Currywurst. Which is basically a hot dog with this ketchup spice sauce on it (In american terms). Its delish! I didn’t order that but i did order the fries, fish, ice cream and a cake to try.

Radio and TV are different here. Well I love the radio, its all 80s music and I could not be happier. There is a rare occasion of newer music, but i am sure its different in larger cities like Munich. The TV sucks kinda. We get AFN (Armed Forces Network) and its really only about 7 channels and its a split of shows. We are also 1 day behind so what you see today, I might get tomorrow. Sometimes for shows like Dr Phil are days or weeks later.

Well, its 830 am and I am going with a friend to base to check the mail today. Yes I did get my drivers license here by the way! And no there is no speed limit on the “highway”. If you want some goodies from me, leave me your email and I will message you for your address. I love sending out some happiness from here. Everyone needs to try some German yummies.

On the flip side, chat with me on Instagram or find me couponing over at MyMilitarySavings.com/blog and our coupon group on fb is Grafenwoehr/Vilseck Coupon Group. Seriously if you go look at my photos you will feel like you are here with me. http://instagram.com/mommypr


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