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We are now entering into the independent stage of being a 3 yr old.  Case in point, bathtime used to be a fun time   playing with brother while Daddy scrubbed both boys clean (leaving lucky mommy to clean up from dinner). Now it is “I can do that” and the liquid soap gets dumped all over the floor. So off I went onto the internet in search of a soap a toddler can handle all by his big boy self. I found this great company called Wett Giggles. I contacted the founder, Karen St. Clair who was happy to help out.

Karen’s inspiration for Wett Giggles:
This product was inspired by my six year old’s son dirty little fingernails. I’m into good hygiene and giving my son a fun tool to help with that was my goal. The soap and toy concept has been done before but I wanted to re-create that concept so my thinking was to add a nail brush to the soap thus giving a new look to an old idea.  Karen named the company Wett Giggles because of the wet smiles children often get when washing their hands.

What is it?
Wet Giggles has nine (7 with manicure nail brushes, 2 without) different natural glycerin handmade soaps. Each bar is made one at a time with essential oils and shea butter. Each soap has a different plastic toy animal with a unique scent.I was fortunate enough to be able to try out 2 different soaps. Cato the hippo comes in a grape scent (it brings to mind the grape bubble gum of my childhood) and has a nail brush encased within the soap. My son was immediatly drawn to Cato. He loves hippos, grapes, and the color purple so it was a homerun for him.

The other soap I was able to try was Horatio the frog who has a watermelon scent. Horatio does not have a nail brush and is designed for the younger crowd (age 3-4). The 3 year old was not as impressed with Horatio but I think once Cato the Hippo soap is gone Horatio will move up in the ranking. What is with the Shakespearain theme you ask?
Karen loved reading Shakespeare during her school years! While supplies last, each soap also comes with a soap dish.

It is amazing how much more pleasant bath time is once again. I took over the duty of bathtime for a week so I could write this review properly (my husband was thankful). I wait until the 15 month old is happily playing with a cup of water in the tub then I hand Cato the hippo to the 3 yr old. He happily sings while running the soap over his little body. I love how the animal’s head fits perfectly into his hand. We still haven’t reached the nail brush exposure level but wow does he think he is cool.

Animals with soap and manicure brush are $10, animals/soap with no nail brush are $8.  Don’t want the soap…more interested in just the toy animal and the nail brush? Wett Giggles has you covered. You can purchase the

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