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I have dreamed of a treadmill for years. I am the girl you see testing every single one in the stores. Too wide, too short, too many buttons, etc. I never saw one and said yep, that the one for me. Of course if I did like one, it was only available to rich people because lord knows it was certainly out of my price range. And what about getting it home?! How would I manage to get it here, put it together or even move it around with my husband deployed or gone off in trainings. Anything larger than a bag of groceries is pretty much off the list for me. Until now.

Smooth Fitness offers several delivery options, and one is bringing it inside, setting it up, and putting it in the room of your choice. Oh, and let me add this for my fellow military families stationed overseas thinking this doesn’t apply to them..Smooth Fitness delivers to APO/FPO! That is like spit your coffee out on the computer screen excitement right there. I couldn’t get a baby crib delivered there let alone a 300 pound exercise machine! Anyways, let me tell you about my delivery, set up and my beautiful addition to the family.

So at first I wanted a folding treadmill. Moving overseas, I felt it would be easier and just to take up less room in my 2ft by 2ft house. But the excellent ordering/shipping guy called me and talked me into the Smooth 9.35 instead. Its non folding but he assured me I would like it better and we could still ship it fine. Of course I didn’t budge; its like handing me chocolate, I don’t say no. Each order has tracking, so you can watch where it goes and what company has it. I called the delivery customer service myself to set up the delivery when I seen it was in Washington, they were able to deliver it 3 days later. The total shipping time took about a full 7 days. Of course I live in the far northwest corner of the world, just short of Santa’s hideout.

Smooth Fitness Setup

The delivery guys were really nice, they actually didn’t complain at all on the work they had to do. Only mentioning with a laugh that I must have purchased the largest and heaviest model. I had to agree since we had to bring the box in through my back yard and the sliding glass door. While they worked away piece by piece, my daughters found the extremely large box a great pirate ship to play with outside. See, its a great investment for the whole family! It took about 2.5 hours from the time they pulled up till they ran out. When it was all put together, I looked at the beast in my dining room and thought…oh crap, I hope I am even tall enough to see the dash of it! I am a whopping 5ft tall and this thing looks 7 ft to little ol me.


 Isn’t she a beauty? That my friends is the new addition to my family. Her name is Beast. And Killer.

It has a really great features that I could not have dreamed of. 2 cup holders (these things would hold one of those stupidly huge 7/11 freeze cups), a fan with 2 settings, speed & incline buttons on the handle & dash, music import button, usb port, several program settings (that I have yet to try all of them), and a section to hold an ipad/book/iphone/etc. So far I have been doing a 30 minute “wog” at least every other day. This is where I explain what a Wog is. I don’t have the kahuna’s to flat out run yet, but walking is a tad slow for me, so I just combine a walk/jog which equals…Wogging. Its about a 2.5 to 3 on the speed scale. Once I went past that, up to a 4, and I text my husband that I thought I was dying. He laughed.  Then I tried to wog with the incline at 5 and once again almost saw my death bed. Need I remind you how it got it’s name- Killer.

But, I love it! Even my husband uses it, and when my mom came to visit, she was in awe. She personally wants the Smooth 9.65TV, which has a 10.5 TV on the dash. Too freaking cool. Then I could watch Channing Tatum on my screen and reenact that I am running to catch him. Hey, a girl can dream.

My treadmill comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the frame, 7 years on the parts, and 2 years on labor. That is outstanding! Plus it supports mySMOOTH – Virtual Fitness Trainer: The exclusive mySMOOTH Virtual Fitness Trainer helps you achieve your goals faster by tracking your progress, creating custom workout plans and offering tips and advice to keep you motivated.

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  1. So you’re able to see over the dash?? You are kind of a shorty. 🙂

    I bet a few months from now you’re going to be long past wogging and will be full-on running with Killer!

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