Weighting Comforts Blanket

Weighted blankets are widely known in the Autism parenting world. They can help with sleep using deep touch pressure. For this same reason, those with PTSD, Anxiety, Sensory Disorders, ADHD and many other spectrums, can find weighted blankets essential for sleep and comfort. These benefits are seen whether the user is an autistic child, adult, or toddler. However, as the weight of the user changes, the blanket should become heavier.  A weighted blanket is pretty much what the name implies. It’s a blanket with some extra weight. Some are made with beads, rice, poly pellets, or a combination with or without cotton.  They can vary from lap size to king size and weight between 5-30+ pounds (depending on the height/weight/age of the user). Pricing can also vary depending on fabric and sizing. Be sure to remember though, the larger the blanket vs the person, means less weight on the person. So a personal sized one is best, but every person can be different. For that reason alone, Weighting Comforts has a 30-day guarantee. 

We have reviewed and purchased several weighted blankets in the past years, but none have compared to Weighting Comforts COOLMAX

COOLMAX ALL SEASON technology transports moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days, while the fiber structures provide warmth on colder days, helping to optimize performance. It is not only quick-dry but also provides amazing breathable functionality. The weave is denser than quilting cotton but still smooth and comfortable to the touch.

My daughter instantly loved the feel of this blanket. It’s also not bulky like most (even at 15 pounds!). The website even states that this blanket is great for menopausal women who struggle with night sweats or anyone who is a hot sleeper. (Makes me wonder why I didn’t keep it for myself, ha!)

Each Weighting Comforts blanket is handmade by a refugee woman in Nashville, Tennessee, creating income for her family. We sew each 5-inch bead pocket with 100% polyester thread for added strength and durability. The weighted beads inside each pocket are made from an FDA-approved, non-irritating PVC compound.

Weighting Comforts also has a flannel version for those who are cold at night. I know many people instantly think why promote or purchase a flannel weighted blanket close to summer, but there are plenty of people this would significantly benefit. Cancer patients, elderly, those with weakened immune systems or even some who are sensitive to colder air. I can absolutely see a benefit for this beautiful blanket. 

There are also 3 cotton versions, (great for neutral sleepers) with one being a gorgeous Aqua color (shown above). 

I love to know the background of the creators and have a sense of knowing that they understand why we, the consumers and/or patients, need these blankets. 

While pursuing a masters degree in marriage and family therapy, Donna first noticed the effectiveness of a weighted blanket. An advisor in her program asked her to make several weighted blankets for clients who suffered from anxiety. Immediately after trying the weighted blankets, her clients reported a sense of relief.

Weighting Comfort blankets range from $195 (cotton & flannel) to $269 (CoolMax). Personally, having purchased several, this is an ideal price point for the quality. I have seen some range between $180 to over $350 and not be nearly in the same category, especially with the Flannel and COOLMAX concept. Plus, these can all be washed and dried. 

If funds are an issue (hey, I get it!) Weighting Comfort does have a Gently Used sale every so often. You can read more about the dates and sales if you sign up for their newsletter. 

Wondering what size is right for you? Check out the weighted blanket chart. 


Thank you to Weighting Comforts for providing my daughter with an exceptional blanket in exchange for my honest review.