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Having 2 young boys I have definitely had my shares of treating bumps and bruises.  One of the most difficult things for me is getting the boys to stay still long enough to apply a cold compress to the injured area.  I can usually get them to sit down in my lap but always have a difficult time making sure the cold compress stays in place.  I recently had the opportunity to review the VitalWrap System:


VitalWear is unique.  While the combination of heating, cooling, and compression have long been recognized as highly effective in the treatment of pain, the VitalWrap Systems deliver this therapy safely and conveniently through products that are easy to use and comfortable to wear. Form-fitting thermal therapy in a single device, capable of managing rapid and safe temperature transitions between hot and cold at the turn of a dial. The VitalWrap system has the added advantage of being covered under Medicare.

How the VitalWrap System works:
The VitalWrap System consists of three components: a control unit, a tubing set, and a thermal fabric wrap. The control unit, which includes a fluid reservoir, manages the temperature of water used by the system to supply heat or cold to the fabric wrap attached to the body. By pumping the water through a heat-exchanging bladder inside the wrap, the control unit warms or cools the water to match the proper temperature setting, delivering precise and safe thermal therapy.

Set-up is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Fill the portable, leak-proof reservoir with ice and water.
  2. Place the bladder portion of the wrap around the treatment area and secure it with the Velcro™ closure.
  3. Attach the wrap to the control unit using the tubing set.

Once the control unit is turned on, the cooled or warmed fluid is passed through the tubing set to the wrap. As it circulates into the wrap from the control unit, the fluid either applies heat to warm the treatment area or draws it away for deep cooling. The fluid then flows back into the control unit, where it is re-cooled or re-warmed before cycling back into the wrap.

The VitalWrap System is designed so that the user can apply thermal therapy for extended periods. The typical transition time between the warm and cold settings in the temperature range is about one minute.

Specially tailored wraps are available for any area of the body. Please consult your healthcare professional prior to applying the system, particularly when using it for long periods of time.

My take:  The company graciously sent me the VitalWrap system along with the shoulder and ankle attachments.  I have used it on myself and my 4 year old so far and it works great…the best thing is that I know cold is being applied to the area of injury and not slipping and sliding around the area like most ice packs do.  Setup was simple and the 4 year old hardly noticed the system once he became engrossed in one of his shows.  Two important things to note…if you want the heat component you must first prime the system with cold for 3 minutes and you don’t have to add hot water to the system…just lukewarm water works great.



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  1. How awesome! Initially I was thinking this was quite the contraption but after reading the info from their site and seeing all of the review I can defiantely see how this would help with small children especially. The slipping and sliding as you know is a big problem, towels, tapes, and asking little hands to sit still is not easy!

    This looks great!

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