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At this point, you have no doubetedly already seen our coverage of Sears Outlets in conjunction with other mommy bloggers across the country. Just like our other Sears Outlet Power Moms, my experience at Sears Outlet in Woodbridge, VA was eye-opening and exciting! Let me tell you a little about my first visit to Sears Outlet…

As soon as I walked in the door, I was surprised. I honestly had envisioned a small, dingy, dark outlet-type of store with crowded aisles and appliances that were on their last leg before ultimate appliance death. Boy, was I wrong! As you can see from my series of pictures below, Sears Outlet is anything but dark and dingy with cheap, old appliances! I was immediately surprised to see a row of shiny new riding lawnmowers in the front of the store (but when I went to take pictures there were people scoping them out, and I didn’t think the shoppers wanted to be the stars of my blog post). Before I got too lost like a kid in a candy store, I went to introduce myself to the manager.

I sat down for awhile explaining Mommy PR and our upcoming campaign with Sears Outlet. Afterward I got a personalized tour of the outlet, starting with the high-efficiency washers and dryers, moving on to the seemingly endless rows of refrigerators, then on to checking out the TVs and treadmills, and finally curving around to the hoards of ranges, stovetops and wall ovens. Every single item in the store is clearly marked with a price, and the large appliances show you the comparison of MSRP to the Sears Outlet price. And since I visited during the Memorial Day weekend sale, most everything in the store was discounted further!

I also discussed the plans for improvements/changes in my nearby Sears Outlet. A couple of the areas they are looking to expand are in the clothing, small appliance, and tool sections of the store. Of course, when you think of sears you think of tools (well, on second thought, maybe you don’t but your husband probably does!) In my Sears Outlet, there was a limited tool section, but they explained that they are working on increasing the section and making it more of a customer attention-grabber. The same goes with the small appliance section. There were a handful of pots & pans sets, tabletop food cookers and other miscellaneous items all at great prices, but they are looking to expand this section as well to increase foot traffic through the store. Finally, my outlet has quite a few racks of Lands End clothing. I was amazed to see jeans for only $8! I mean, you can’t beat $8!

So with all that in mind, I had a great experience at my Sears Outlet and I look forward to visiting again!

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  1. We have a very small fashion section in ours, but the manager told me it is incredibly successful. The prices are just so good!

  2. I would have loved to tour the store with you. I am only about 45 minutes away from Woodbridge, VA.

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