What The What?! Vegan vs Vegetarian

In case you didn’t already know, I am medically vegan. Yea basically there is this whole ordeal in my stomach that hates everything dairy, meat, or sugar, some fruit too, oh and onions. It just makes me bleed internally, no “big deal”. 

I’m sure you have heard the term vegan but probably think of vegetarian instead. There is actually a difference in the two. 

vegan comic

Vegetarians are allowed to refrain from meat but eat/drink dairy, eggs, honey, creams, etc. Where as Vegans do not eat (or use) any product that was produced or made from an animal or insect. No honey, dairy, even some sugars. Wine & spirits need to be filtered from non fish intestines as well (did you know thats how they strain some beer & wine!).

Vegans are also looked at as a “lifestyle”. To be Vegan, completely, you would not own a leather coat or carry a croc bag. Everything you purchase would need to be thoroughly thought out and considered. Some vegans, like myself, do cite food allergies as the primary reason for their diet. Most adopt this strictness for moral & political (maybe even religious) reasons. Majority do see it as way to help animals from an inhumane & exploited way of life. This is their way of showing respect for all things.

Vegetarians mostly choose this diet based on health concerns. Vegetarians diets are often higher in fiber and low in carbs & fats. Food safety can also play a part with excluding meat. Again just like veganism, vegetarians can certainly choose this lifestyle based on religion, political and moral reasonings.

We could go into the health benefits of both but that seems to always be a very heated debate. Everyone is a doctor when you don’t eat meat. Always asking the age old question: how do you get your protein. Let’s just leave that alone and note that both sides can have a chunky (& healthy) following (cough cough, myself).

We may want to add that several well-known celebrities, activists and politicians, artists, and sports figures adhere to vegan or vegetarian diets. Famous vegans include Carrie Underwood, Erykah Badu, Olympic sprinter Carl Lewis,  Jared Leto, Cesar Chavez. Among vegetarians, there is Chris Martin, Ellen DeGeneres, Mohandas Gandhi, Natalie Portman and Peter Dinklage.

That’s right even Game Of Thrones has a meatless eater.


Albert Einstein
“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”