Fun, Easy & Delicious Vegan Water Flavor Recipes

I am the type of person that sorta hates water. I can’t do tap water & bottled just taste so bland to me. I’ve always had to add something to it. But not the type of flavored water you purchase that has a crazy amount of sugar and syrup. I like adding random fruits and ice then relaxing to enjoy fresh Summer Water.


My personal favorite is anything with lemon & lime. I am a sour & tart person so I could drink a whole container in a day. Just water, a couple lemons and limes. I usually take a citrus squeezer and squeeze them into the water then add the remains in. Let it set for a few hours and wa-la!

Some other combinations are Cucumber water, which is super good for your digestion. Its not for my taste buds but I know so many that enjoy it. The best part is there is no wrong way to create a flavored water either. You can add a whole bowl of fruit or just a few slices. You can do all one flavor or a wide variety. And nothing gets wasted! You can eat or compost the remains.

Here are some fun & fruity combos to try:

  1. Strawberry, Basil & Lemon
  2. Orange & Blueberry
  3. Watermelon & Mint
  4. Orange, Mint & Cucumber
  5. Strawberry, Lime & Cucumber
  6. Orange & Cilantro
  7. Rosemary & Grapefruit
  8. Blueberry & Lavender
  9. Kiwi & Cucumber



Best of all…. All Vegan & Cheap! You can even use frozen fruit! Spruce it up even more by freezing some of the mint in ice cubes. Add it to your glass once ready, pour in your flavored water and drink up!