Valerie Bertinelli in a new TV series tonight, Hot in Cleveland


A new series is starting tonight. Have you heard of Hot In Cleveland? I know I did not hear about it till just a little bit ago but it looks like it is going to be really funny. It stars Valerie Bertinelli as Melanie Moretti,  Betty White as Elka Ostrovsky, Jane Leeves as Joy Scroggs and Wendie Malick as Victoria Chase. I know I really love all the women who are starring in this series, don’t you?

Hot in Cleveland revolves around three fabulous L.A. women of a certain age who are best friends (Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick). Their lives are changed forever when their plane — headed to Paris for a girls-only celebration — unexpectedly lands in Cleveland and they soon rediscover themselves in a new ‘promised land’. Loving their new home, the women find themselves living under one roof and battling the sassy caretaker (Betty White) of the property they have rented.

This new fun series is starting tonight, June 16th at 10pm eastern/9pm central. If you are at home and love new series be sure to check it out. I know I will.

I am going to share a video with you of Valerie Bertinelli that I was sent. I know that many of you know who Valerie Bertinelli is and you may also have seen her on the Jenny Craig commercials. Here is some footage of her that I hope you enjoy.

Valerie 6.8_Sm

Want a sneak peak before the Hot In Cleveland series starts? Just CLICK HERE…

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  1. I love the pillows of the sofa on Hot in Cleveland, does anyone know where to buy them? I love the show too. Betty White is really funny and the other ladies.

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