Uncaged Furniture STASH Folding Kids Chair

Childrens furniture has always intrested me. I adore the smaller couches, chairs. even kitchen sets.

I came across a new sofa chair, brilliantly named STASH, that folds into an ottoman and has a hidden storage compartment. It was perfect for holding toys, or in our case, an extra blanket.

My youngest daughter is nearly 12 but she was blessed with our short stature. So her STASH chair actually fits her pretty good! She can pull our her blanket and sit comfortably to watch movies or play games. When she is done, she can collapse the back down and have an ottoman/stool.

STASH chair converted into an ottoman

I like the idea that you don’t need a storage chest, chair, and an ottoman. That is three pieces too many. This way, you can have the perfect multi-functional kids chair! The modern design and color choices (pink, black or navy blue) can fit any room and takes up very little space.

We love our STASH chair! Grab yours, just in time for Christmas, at Uncaged Furniture.

This is a sponsored review.