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Trigger Tuesday (yes i know its Friday but i am a tad behind lol)– is dedicating one day when you can “confess” the one bad habit you would like to quit.

My bad habit is that like the picture above, i like to eat. Love to eat. Would die without eating (duh). Board eater. Happy eater. Sad eater. Food Food Food. I am the heaviest i have ever been in my life. I try exercise but i either quit or end it crying in pain lol.

I’m sure by now you have seen the horrifying images of the two-year-old Indonesian boy smoking cigarettes. This is an extreme case, but people of all walks of life can easily become addicted to smoking.

You may not be a smoker but there’s no doubt in my mind that some of your readers either need support to quit smoking or know someone who does. I have a resource that can help! Become an EX is a FREE online quit plan and social media based quit smoking program that provides powerful tools to assist in the quitting process –

2 winners will get:

The “quit-pack” includes :

* Informational Folder with slouch bags

* (re-learn booklet, cup holder, air freshener, sticker, trigger cards with sticker, Ex instruction
* Coffee holder
* Pamphlets
* TShirt
* Air Freshner

Mandatory Entry:

comment about your own ‘confession’ or bad habit you want to quit.

Bonus Entry:

Tweet about your bad habit .


Open to USA

Ends 8/3



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  1. I am an internet junkie- there I said it, I own it.
    Ya know I think the 'ex' thing might help.
    Here's another thing the internet habit does- you sit on your butt (least those with desktops) and you dont move for hours. Guess what ya get if you sit? Pounds- I have gained 15# and tell myself, no more blog entries nothing nada and keep doing it. HELP! I've got on the internet and can't get off!

  2. my habit is biting my nails.. but my mom is a smoker… she has tried so many times to quit but has been unsuccessful for stress reason. (ironicly I ended up hospitalized everytime she quit havign surgery or other) so im hoping something that helps will change the pattern lol

  3. I'm a chocolate junkie. I can't go a day without it. And usually in way to big of portions. Those single serving Dove chocolates, a serving should be 10 of them! LOL

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