Top 3 reasons to consider building your family home

If you’re in the market for a new family home, you’re already well aware that there are plenty of things to consider.

Ideally, your new house will complement your family’s lifestyle and requirements—both today and ten years from now. While your perfect dwelling is likely to be as individual as your household, there are some aspects of building your own home that will appeal to almost any family.


Energy and Environmentally Friendly

More than ever, families have increased energy and environmentally conscious and this is reflected in today’s modern homes. New homes are fitted out with the latest appliances, which not only look stylish but also have fantastic energy ratings. This means less money towards your electricity bills every month and more to spend on the things that matter. Not only that, but you will be doing your bit for the planet too.

Building your own home from scratch also enables you to make some smart and eco-friendly design choices. Taking advantage of factors such as sun orientation, shade from trees and cooling breezes mean you can keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter, without flicking a switch. Features such as energy efficient lighting, glazing, insulation and water saving devices can also help keep those utility costs down.



Another big plus of a new home is knowing that it meets current safety standards. Established homes can harbor a range of hidden problems which can be costly to resolve. Asbestos, pests and other building hazards may be detected if you choose to fork out for inspections, but some issues like plumbing and electrical faults may only be picked up on after you move in.

Advances in legislation and construction mean your new home will benefit from safety features such as improved window height restrictions, hard-wired smoke alarms and the use of fire retardant materials. Not only that, but you will likely be covered by Builders Warranty Insurance for several years should any issues arise.

Creative Control

Perhaps the biggest appeal of building your own family home is that you can essentially design your home to fit your lifestyle.

House designs have changed a lot in the last 20 years and many established homes have outdated ‘boxy’ floorplans that suffer from the poor use of space. Additionally, integrating a spacious central kitchen or an open floor plan into an existing house can be an expensive and challenging venture.

In contrast, contemporary homes incorporate indoor-outdoor living and open plan areas to suit modern families and include all the up-to-date conveniences a busy household could need.

Being involved from the start means your home is a true reflection of your family. You have control over the number of bedrooms and living areas, color palette, and flooring. You can also incorporate plenty of natural light and electrical outlets (both of which are usually lacking in older homes).

There are plenty of things to consider in the search for your ideal family home and determining what best suits your lifestyle and financial position take a bit of research and deliberation. If you think building a new home could be for you or even if you’re just curious to see what modern homes have to offer, it’s well worth paying a visit to some builder display centers to get some inspiration.

Having a strong idea of what your priorities are and the kind of features you would like in your new home will ensure it complements your family’s daily life for many years to come.