TLC Kritters

I received 2 TLC Kritters to help facilitate my review.

My daughter loves animals and when she was given the opportunity to review TLC Kritters she was so excited!

Take care of your TLC Kritters with lots of love! The baby animals in the TLC Sanctuary need you to take care of them to stay happy and healthy. Each set comes with a bib or bow headband, bottle or medicine dropper, diaper, pacifier, gender reveal card, incubator, and collector’s poster with care chart. Magically reveal if you have a boy or girl by putting the gender reveal card in water! Boy and girl Kritters come with different accessories, collect them all today!

My take: Oh did she have fun with the gender reveal! You place the gender reveal card in the water to find out if your Kritter is a girl or boy. Then open the kritter to see what type of accessories you get (boys have pacifiers and bibs, girls have pacifiers and bows). The little incubator is adorable as well.