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About Tidy Kidz™ “Tidy Kidz™ was created with this in mind – help kids develop good habits that will last them a lifetime and encourage a harmonious family environment. Through developing tidy habits, children can focus more on the things they love to do.” In my home it is a constant struggle to get the kids to pick up after themselves. Sometimes I feel like a broken record: “Please put your shoes away”, “Can you hang up your jacket?”, “Did you pick up your toys when you were done playing?”. It’s never ending and much of the time I end up picking up after them myself! When I came across the Tidy Kidz website, I was excited to try it out. Maybe it would help – even a little could make a big difference in my life! I sat my girls down and we went through the site together, watched the videos and checked out the tidy charts. My 9 year old did not act all that excited about it, but she watched the video’s and talked about ideas to add to the tidy charts. My 5 year old was practically bouncing up and down with excitement! “This is fun Mommy, let’s watch it again!” She loved the videos and the charts, and couldn’t wait to print her own!   As soon as we were finished watching the videos, my 5 year old ran to get her purse. She said “Come on Mom, we have to go to the store!” I asked her why and she replied “We have to go buy me a tucker so that I can make my bed in the morning!” Ha ha ha!!! Maybe Tidy Kidz should add a tucker or two to their store! About this time I saw my 9 year old walk by with a plastic garbage bag. I asked her what she was doing and she said “Going to sort my stuff!” – and she did!!!

From the Tidy Kidz Website:


Help Kids Clean Up Their Act!

Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice, NFL Football Player

“Family living… it’s a team sport!!! Tidy Kidz™ was created with the whole family in mind. We take a creative approach to helping children understand that living in a family environment takes some effort from every member of the team… kids included. We know grown-ups are around for the really complex things but there’s a lot kids can tackle on their own. Children are small but mighty and they really get a kick out of their own accomplishments!!”

My thoughts on Tidy Kidz: I think this site was well worth our time. Both kids have been better about picking up after themselves. My youngest is much more into it than my 9 year old is, but they are both more conscious about leaving messes around the house and I have been hearing them remind each other to pick up their things. I think the best thing about this site is that it seems to have taken the “Mom is making me do this” attitude away.

Update: It has now been over 6 weeks since we joined the Tidy Kidz site and I am pleased to say that the girls continue to do better in picking up after themselves and following their charts!  Don’t get me wrong – they still need to be reminded sometimes – BUT not all of the time!!!

BUY IT: Want to try it out for yourself? You can purchase a 1 year membership to Tidy Kidz for $24.99 which will give you access to all of the features of the Tidy Kidz site including videos and charts. They will also be adding additional videos to t

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