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I received an email from Tide wanting to send over a sample of New Tide Cold Water.

Because of its energy saving benefits and careful consideration of the environment, Tide Coldwater is the first detergent ever to earn the new Green Good Housekeeping Seal.
Since 1909, the experts at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI) have been evaluating products to determine whether or not they perform as promised so that they can earn the Good Housekeeping Seal. Good Housekeeping announced the addition of their Green Good Housekeeping Seal in late 2009. According to the GHRI, Tide Coldwater did particularly well in meeting the Green Good Housekeeping Seal criteria for ingredient and product safety, water reduction and reduced waste produced during manufacturing.

PUR water filters provide delicious drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Every year more than ten billion plastic water bottles end up as garbage and in landfills. Consumers can make a difference and start reducing waste by drinking PUR filtered water instead of bottled waters. On average, PUR filtered water is about one-tenth the cost of bottled water, saving about $600 per year for an average bottled-water drinker.

P&G has launched a new “Future Friendly” web site: www.future-friendly.com provides information on saving money and water and reducing waste by taking small steps to make a difference.

For more information on Tide Coldwater, visit www.tide.com and for more information on PUR, visit www.purwater.com.

One problem. My girls and I are Allergic. (If you are a faithful reader you already know we are allergic to darn near everything! If you are a new reader, welcome to “life in a bubble”)

I remember when my husband went to Italy before us and said he had the whole house ready. We arrived and slept through the next day, while my wonderful (he really is), washed our laundry in Tide.

It sure smelled good! But wow, Jasy and I were broke out and itching like crazy.  I have no idea how he didn’t know, but I am sure if you had your husband do laundry, he wouldn’t know softener from soap.

But you know what, ever since then, he does not forget lol! He can use Tide on his uniforms, but the rest of us have to use only 3 detergents and 2 of them are too expensive to even consider.

Anyways, i always get so sad and envious when i see new Tide commercials. The ones with those new scents in the soap mix. Ahh, i can just smell them.

I did explain my dilema to Tide, but i asked if they had anything for “free and clear” cold water. They agreed to send me a $10 Target Gift card to purchase one of my choice.

They also sent me a really cute, green reusable Target shopping bag.

I ventured off to the closest Target (which i had never been to, and just want to mention to Target…please look into your Lakewood Washington store, it needs some serious help!).

I was so happy to see  Tide Cold Water Clear for HE. Target had several sizes but for only $1.60 more than my gift card i bought the 100 ozs, 52 loads. (I still haven’t used it all and its been a month!)

The true test was going to be when we got home.

Tide Coldwater is specially formulated for cold water conditions to save consumers energy and money. Tide Coldwater users can reduce energy bills while clothes get a deep clean, even in cold water.

Tide Coldwater is one of three sponsors of special Earth Month reusable Target store shopping bags, made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles. Target will distribute 1.5 million of these reusable shopping bags to customers later this month. Both Tide Coldwater and PUR are designed to save customers money and help the earth.

I threw in some blankets first just in case. I couldn’t smell any fragrance so i knew that was a good sign. Second load, some of my clothes. Still we were good after drying. Last load was the girls items. Happy to report, we are all fine! I actually could not smell or notice anything. (This is really great in my case).

I know you have heard me say this before, but i love when companies listen to you and want you to try their products at their cost. It’s almost like a guarantee. I know i would never have purchased Tide Cold Water Free on my own. I would have been way too hesitant. But you cant really argue if they are buying lol. I have to say i am super thrilled to know we can use some Tide products now.

I wonder if they work with Haagen-Dazs? I am allergic to them also……(Just saying he he he)

2 Wonderful Mommy PR readers will get to win a Reusable Target Bag and an ample supply of Tide Coldwater (in convenient, one-use sachets) each.

{Sachets do not come in Tide Coldwater Free, they are only available in New Tide Coldwater}

Tide Coldwater

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I was provided product for my review.

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