The Spirit Of Nashville


This morning, Good Morning America simply mentioned (in one sentence) that the waters were receding and people were moving back into their homes in Nashville. The report was less than 30 seconds in length. Nashville, and the surrounding counties, have experienced what is being described as a 1000 year flood. Homes, businesses, and historic landmarks have been inundated. People are living in emergency shelters.

….Lives have been lost.

We are being asked to cut our water use in 1/2 because one of the two treatment plants has been flooded.

My family has been blessed in that our homes were spared, however I would like to share a personal story with you. On Monday, I managed to get into work. I work for the State government, and we were all asked to come in if it was safe. I had a t.v. in my office tuned into the local news when I heard a very frightening report. A viewer called in to report that Polo Park apartments was being evacuated because the water was rising. This is the apartment complex where my elderly and disabled mother lives on a ground-floor apartment. I flew out of the office and headed over there. My husband was able to contact the apartment office and told me that they might have to evacuate her by boat! When I arrived on the scene, the water in front of her apartment was up to my knees and rising. I yelled out of my window to a man standing nearby that I had a mom in a wheelchair that I needed to rescue and that I would need help. Immediately, three men appeared and said they would carry her out if necessary. We were not waiting for the boat. I had never met these young men before in my life, but they are my heroes. They managed to get my mom (and her cat) into my jeep without even getting her feet wet. They then helped me put some of her belongings up higher in hopes of keeping them dry.

This is the spirit of Nashville.

We take care of each other. I am so proud of my city, but we need help from the outside as well.

We are encouraging people to donate to the Nashville chapter of the Red Cross. or the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee .

This Facebook post also provides a good summary of the destruction.

Please consider helping any way possible. Reach out to your neighbors, reach out to those you don’t even know.

It takes but one hand….


Story provided by Jennifer Barnett


Video from mmdeppisch

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  1. My heart is with you… in 2008 here in the MidWest we had the '1000 year' flood too. We are still dealing with the after effects- homes are still being rebuilt, lives are still being affected.
    I am amazed there hasn't been more coverage of this-we have heard maybe more than most because of the flooding here, but National news it has not had more than minutes of air time 🙁
    I know several chapters of Iowa's Red Cross have gone there, and I hope with their experience they bring comfort.
    Hugs from the MidWest………….. and try not to get discouraged with FEMA and their slow ways. I think they learned things here, and I hope they move even quicker to your aide.

  2. Thank-you for your support. Many families have lost everything. There are 20 confirmed deaths in Tennessee. Schools have been severely damaged and some might not recover. We continue to conserve water, as one treatment plant is still inoperable. The irony is not lost on us… we had 11-18 inches of rain in 48 hours, but now we must conserve water.

    Many of you may not be aware that we have a world class symphony center here in Nashville. Sadly, the historic organ was severely damaged by the flooding. This is just another example of the loss we are experiencing.

    We are pleased to hear that Anderson Cooper from CNN is coming to town and may help to raise awareness of this disaster.

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