The Potential for Purpose – 6 Ways to Improve Vitality Later in Life


This is a guest article.

The twilight years of a person’s life are often glossed over, as they are hardly the wonder years we all experience in our youth, however, this does not mean they are without value or astounding experiences. Vitality in life can be just as strong in the elderly as it can be in the youth of the modern era, and with a greater base of knowledge behind them, the residents of an aged care facility can often live full and enriched lives in the comfort of a complex designed specifically around the quality of life. To illustrate this point, we have put together a list of ways to improve vitality later in life, all of which are offered by one facility or another.


Creativity immediately springs to mind to most people who think of enjoying themselves, and retired people are no different to younger people in this regard. Being creative is good for improving vitality and zest for life because it helps people to begin making new and wonderful things and sharing them with their friends, family, and neighbors. On top of helping with brain plasticity and providing entertainment for facility residents, promoting creativity also helps to lessen depression often experienced by those without much to do on any given day.


It might be the last thing you think of when you see someone in the gym, but working out is something that can really boost the quality of life and vitality of a senior citizen. Ensuring they don’t over exert themselves, even slight to moderate exercise can not only improve an aged care facility’s resident’s quality of life but also make them mentally healthier and happier.


Something which has been shown to work time and again for increasing the vitality of life in older people is to increase their social circle and meet people and make friends. Many people experience depression in their older years due to lack of day-to-day activities and a slowly dwindling social life, so forming friendships and relationships in this time is a good idea.

New Experiences

When you’ve been living the life you are in for many years, it can often start to fall into a routine that is hard to break. That routine can be one of the many causes of mental health problems in the elderly, because they’ve experienced the things they do regularly time and time again, making them less than interesting as they continue to do them. New experiences can break this cycle and have huge positive benefits on those suffering from mental health issues, especially the older generation.



Travel is a logical step for any retired person who can afford it and is physically able to. Seeing new sights, even inside your own country can be hugely beneficial to your mental and physical health, and traveling overseas can open your eyes to whole new cultures and cuisines you’ve never seen or tried before, making them valuable experiences just waiting to be discovered.


Finally, companionship is important in old age. This can, and indeed does, refer to many things, but primarily having someone or something there waiting for you at the end of the day is helpful in a great many ways. A partner isn’t always a viable option for some people, but an animal companion can be just as comforting to those coming home to an empty house, and should still be considered over loneliness.

These are just some of the many ways to boost the vitality of one’s twilight years, and all of them throw a splash of color and excitement into what can otherwise be considered a trying time in our lives.

This is a guest article.

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  1. Great points, but all of these are ones that any adult should evaluate and work on at all phases of their life. Doing so helps to maximize one’s happiness!

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