The Most Beautiful Boots On Santa’s List! Naya Apollonia


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I have been wanting a pair of mid calf boots for a few months, but I can be particularly picky on style. They can’t be too flashy, but they can’t have a heel. I need to have them practical yet easy to clean. Beautiful yet rare. Nothing much fell into that category and I felt I would just not find “my” boots.

Then. I met the Naya Apollonia Boot in Oxford Brown.

Do you hear angels singing? Bells ringing? Birds chirping?

I did when I opened that glorious green & tan box. Doves flew out and confetti blew up into the air, all while I fell into the lush green grass beneath me smiling as if I won the lottery.

Errrrrkkk. Screech.  Ok Ok, I am kidding. But in my head, all that happened when I seen my boots. The most beautiful objects on this earth hands down (minus my kids, although they are not objects. Some days…).

These boots are 100% Leather, have a synthetic sole, cushioning insole, traction outsole and a leather lining.

Naya Apollonia sole

The Naya brand was created for women who want beautiful, comfortable shoes that leave a softer footprint on the Earth. Naya shoes combine beauty with integrity, and style with comfort. Whenever possible, the Naya collection includes vegetable-tanned leathers and linings, natural or recycled fabrics, insoles and outsoles containing natural cork and water-based cements. Naya uses packaging made with recycled paper, soy-based inks and water-based glue.

 Naya Apollonia Boots 1

The Naya Apollonia women’s boot will provide the right amount of style to any dress. This women’s boot has a leather upper with bungee lace details. For easy wear and removal an inside zipper has been provided. Interior comfort and support are provided by the leather lining and cushioning outsole respectively. The traction outsole handles the traction control. Women will have the right amount of style with the Naya Apollonia women’s boot.

Naya Apollonia  2

So the only 2 things I have to say on the downside are one, the price (or at least on amazon at the time of posting). Setting you back up to $240. I want to say well worth it but in this day and age, I understand most people don’t have that kind of extra cash for boots. The other downfall for at least myself was sizing. I wear a 7.5/8. I asked for the 7.5 but they were cutting off my toe circulation. Also my manly calves did not allow the boots to zip up. I can’t even tell you how much I sat and wanted to cry. These beaut’s were going to fit if I had to bleed.

Sadly, bleeding did not help any. I still could not get them on. If you purchase them (or ask Santa) I suggest you go an entire size larger.

Overall, these will surely be the most beautiful boots on Santas list! You must visit Naya’s website and see more of their extraordinary shoes & boots.


Press Sample

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  1. These boots are beautiful and comfortable! The leather is high quality and looks expensive. And the color is perfect. I’ve received so many compliments since I started wearing them. I can easily tuck leggings or even skinny jeans with a finger or two to spare in the calf. The zipper on the outside adds a nice touch. No regrets whatsoever. Worth the investment.

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