The Little Things We Do to Protect Our Kids from Germs


Germs are everywhere, and with kids in the house, it can often prove difficult to keep them away from all bad bacteria in the vicinity. Many parents do simple little things each and every day, perhaps without even thinking about it anymore, to ensure their children are germ-free. We wash their hands, wipe down their messes, make sure they bathe, and perhaps even have baby wipes always handy to clean up any surface before a child sits down to eat or play there. All these little things and more go a long way to protect kids from germs and keep them healthy. 

Hire Pest Control

Although a bigger thing than just washing hands, pest control is yet another task parents complete to ensure their kids are safe from anything unwholesome. Bugs and rodents alike can all leave behind excrement and spread disease far more easily than parents would like. If hiring a local pest control company, it’s important to choose one with proven experience dealing with pests native to the area. People in central Ohio, for example, can call upon Columbus Ohio pest control services to have any mice, ticks, spiders, or other unwanted critters removed from the premises. 

Employ an Invisible Shield of Clean

Cleaning products galore get used in many households in an attempt to wipe away germs and fight off bacteria that are present. Clean-X offers an Invisible Shield line of products that not only fight germs but also add an extra layer of protection to keep things looking clean until the next time it’s needed. With a variety of cleaning options to choose from, the entire house can get wiped down and given an invisible shield of protection to keep microorganisms from spreading. 

Give Vaccinations

Too many parents nowadays are avoiding vaccinations. This is leading to the comeback of many serious diseases. Vaccinations are a child’s first line of defense for fighting off germs and illnesses. It’s important to follow a doctor’s recommendations and when and which ones to get. This is especially important for infants and toddlers who already have weakened immune systems. 

Disinfect Bathrooms

Germs spread the easiest in bathrooms. Rather than simply cleaning them with basic products, they need to be thoroughly disinfected with bleach solutions. The toilet, sink, and bathtub should all be well cleaned first and then disinfected afterward for a full clean. It will prevent bacteria from spreading between people in the household and causing sickness. 

Wipe Down Shopping Carts

Children won’t always be inside the house. Bring along some disinfectant wipes and use them on some public surfaces your kids come in contact with that others touch. Shopping carts are a prime example. Who knows how many hands have touched those carts and what other children have sat in them. Wipe those down each time to keep kids germ-free. When there are surfaces you can’t wipe down, such as the entire playground they’re on, at least make sure to clean your kids’ hands after they’ve touched it. 

With bad bacteria being everywhere in the house and outside of it, it’s often difficult to determine just how much cleaning should really get done. Does every single toy need to get wiped down, or will these other methods of germ prevention be enough to keep the kids safe? Parents should do all the little things they can to prevent illness, but they don’t want to go too overboard with cleaning that they make kids more susceptible to allergies as the littlest things can irritate their senses.

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