The Health Benefits of Raw Honey

This is a guest article.

Raw, organic honey belongs in the pantry of everyone that is serious about their health. The powerful contents of a jar of raw honey have a tremendous impact on the body. Filled with active ingredients that improve your health, raw honey is a nutritious superfood that has been used for millennia as a health remedy and food.

Cultures throughout history have benefitted from using honey in their diets and their lives. The Egyptians used honey as a gift for the gods, the Romans used it to fortify spiced wine and the Greeks even bathed in it golden goodness. Now you can take advantage of the wonderful health benefits of raw honey as well.

What’s the Deal with Raw Honey?

Honey is produced by bees. They collect nectar from plants nearby the hive and then bring it home where worker bees ‘chew’ it and then spread it throughout the honeycomb where it dries into a thicker solution that we know as honey.

There are many benefits to including raw, organic honey in your diet. Here are the ingredients and properties of raw honey that make it so special.

The Magic Inside of Raw Honey

#1 Antioxidants

The phytosterol antioxidants found in the pollen contained in raw honey have a miraculous effect on human health. They clear the blood of excess free radicals that create cell-oxidation resulting in cell death. These antioxidants improve immune function and restore cell communication, allowing your body to cleanse itself of impurities.

#2 Anti-inflammatories

Raw honey also has live enzymes that have an anti-inflammatory effect on your GI tract. The gut biomes in your upper and lower digestive tract are extremely sensitive to any foods that cause inflammation.

Diets that are high in processed carbohydrates and saturated fats will cause higher levels of inflammation in the gut than those that have whole grains and healthy fats as their source of nutrition. Inflammation is responsible for most disease and health disorders that occur in the body.

Raw honey goes to work at reducing the level of inflammation in the GI tract. This provides the gut biomes with a healthy environment and allows them to effectively absorb the nutrition from your food, improving metabolic function as a result.

#3 Antiseptic

Raw honey also has antimicrobial properties. Wounds and cuts are easily disinfected with raw honey and studies have shown that even heavily infected wounds completely clear when they are treated with raw honey.

#4 Probiotic

The live bacteria found in raw honey act as a probiotic. These bacteria help your gut biomes digest your food and keep your GI tract healthy. Eating a tablespoon of raw honey before a meal will help your body digest the coming food.

#5 Pure Energy

If you are headed to the gym to try out some new AMRAP workout ideas, then have a tablespoon of honey before you hit the treadmill. Raw honey is a natural energy booster that will help you get through the toughest workouts with ease.


Raw Honey Vs. Commercial Honey


Raw, organic honey is a completely different product to commercially produced honey. The honey produced by organic, sustainable bee farms has not be pasteurized or processed in any way. Commercial bee farms filter the honey, removing the valuable propolis and pollen from the contents. The honey is then pasteurized at high temperatures to make it easy to package and extend its shelf life.

Raw, organic honey still contains the pollen a propolis which is the source of all of the healthy ingredients listed above.

The Final Word

When you go out to the health store to choose your honey, make sure that it is the raw, unpasteurized version. It may cost a little more than the honey you find in the supermarket, but the health benefits justify the price tag. Give it a try in your diet for the next thirty days and log your results with it, good luck!

This is a guest article.