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I love fresh fruit and vegetables for my family but it seems we always eat healthier during the week (since I grocery shop on Mondays) and I would love to change that.  Enter The FruitGuys:


The FruitGuys, the industry leader in providing fresh fruit to the American workplace and consumers nationwide.  We would like to submit them for your Holiday gift guide. The FruitGuys recently launched their new TakeHome product, which would make a great gift for just about anyone. The TakeHome brings fresh regional, organic produce directly to people’s doorsteps. The FruitGuys work solely with small, local farms from New York to Los Angeles and this direct from the farm box of nature’s goodies will be a healthy, memorable gift that can keep on giving.

Available in three different varieties: fruit & veggie, fruit only and veggie only, the TakeHome is designed for those who do not have access to a Farmer’s Market, or are simply too busy to shop for fresh produce.  The FruitGuys has always been dedicated to bringing healthy brain food to the office as a way to boost productivity and improve wellness and now the company is extending that message to millions of Americans by encouraging healthy eating at home.

I received the Fruit & Veggie TakeHome to review:


Regionally grown when seasonally possible, this organic fruit and veggie mix is delivered to your office in an easy to carry “brief-case-style” box. This take home mix is great for those who want fruit snacks and want to cook with organic veggies. It comes with recipes that match the produce inside – it’s a modern, healthy meal kit right from the farm.


My take:  Above is a sampling of what I received with a few variations.  First off I loved the briefcase style package it came in- it really brought a smile to my face.  I was amazed at the wide selection of fruits and veggies and my kids wanted to dig right in which made me thrilled.  Every single thing we tasted was at its peak of freshness.  The apples, orange, grapes and pears were firm and juicy.  The vegetables were firm, fresh and very tasty (my husband grilled the cucumbers in olive oil and salt and they were SO good).  I have never tried kale and was quite impressed and will definitely try it again.

While we didn’t try the recipes that were included I have put them in my recipe box since they look so good and can’t wait to try them.  Overall I would recommend The FruitGuys as a perfect holiday gift for someone you care about and want to spoil in a good way.  I feel my kids got spoiled and ate healthy foods they may not have normally tried which I loved.



I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.

I did receive product or services to keep for my testing purposes.

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