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Mystery shopping has been around for a very long time, yet it still mystifies most. This book is written to help take the mystery out of this job and get you started right away. This is a step-by-step guide to starting, performing and reporting your mystery shops. You will find a legitimate company list, companies that will not charge you to work for them. Websites, types of shops the companies perform and company expectations. You will find where to look for support as well as where to talk with other shoppers. This book is an essential guide for you to start mystery shopping and making money right away.

Whether you range in age from teenager to senior, you can be a mystery shopper. Everyone is looking for ways to increase their income, but with jobs so limited, it is very hard. This book will teach you where to go to eat, how to shop at your local grocery store, get gas and other necessities and be paid for it or at least get your money back.

“‘The Essential Guide To Mystery Shopping‘ is the best book on mystery shopping to come along in years! I couldn’t put it down once I started reading! After seven years as a mystery shopper, I found myself nodding my head in agreement at the suggestions. It’s a must have for mystery shoppers.” Paula Kutka, Mystery Shopper, Houston, TX

If you are skeptical on becoming a mystery shopper or if its even true, you can be assured that its real. Sure some sites out there want you to jump through leaps and bounds to become one, but there are plenty of legitimate jobs out there for shopping. It also helps if you have a book on what to look for and what to stay away from.

I was actually a mystery shopper fro AAFES overseas. They were asking that people apply and then would select stores needed the shoppers. I received cash, free movies with food, and other products for just a few minutes of my time. I would get an email on what i needed to review too. Such as, ‘today please purchase something under $25 and then try to return it without the receipt.”  I would then go home and fill out a questionnaire on time, attitudes and even names.

I don’t think i ever had a good review on our AAFES store sadly. lol. It was always so over cluttered. Any mom with a stroller was a hazard in that place. But after my 1 year long mystery shopping experience, I seen major improvement. I am not sure if I helped contribute that, but it felt nice that someone listened.

If your interested in staying on top of Mystery Shopping, you can check out IMSC Website. Lots of information, links and newsletters.  Keep watch because we will be offering a giveaway next month for two tickets to the 2010 Independent Mystery Shoppers’ Conference in..VEGAS!

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