Exergen Smart Glow TemporalScanner + Giveaway


I received a thermometer to facilitate my review.

Unfortunately along with the holiday season comes several types of illnesses (particularly cold and flu). I prefer using temporal thermometers when given the choice and I recently reviewed the Exergen Smart Glow TemporalScanner.

Exergen Smart Glow TemporalScanner?

Most people don’t realize the difference between a cold and the flu is that with the flu, you have a fever. That’s why you need the Exergen TemporalScanner™ for the whole family, and especially for your baby. It’s perfect because you can take a baby’s temperature without disturbing him or her:

·      A softly illuminated display makes it easy to read in any light – perfect for checking the temperature of a sleeping infant in a darkened room

·      A quiet beeping sound indicates scanning can be turned off or on to avoid waking a sleeping child

·      It automatically retains the last eight temperature readings for instant recall to check on fever progression

Made in the United States, the Exergen Smart Glow TemporalScanner™ is the number one preferred thermometer by both nurses and pediatricians and is backed by more than 70 clinical studies proving its accuracy.

My take: Ever since my children were babies we have been using temporal thermometers and the Exergen Smart Glow TemporalScanner is a favorite!

I love that I can let my children continue getting their much needed rest and not have to wake them up to take their temperatures. I’ve never seen the option of turning off the beeping sound so not to awaken your light sleeper- but it makes so much sense!

Having 3 kids mean that there is never just 1 sick at a time. This temporal scanner allows me to take multiple readings and not worry about spreading the germs. The fact that is stores the last 8 temperature readings is much needed for this very busy forgetful mom!

Exergen is generously offering 1 lucky MommyPR reader their very own Exergen Smart Glow TemporalScanner!


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