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I have always left the grilling to my husband and am always so sad when colder temps arrive because I know we have limited grilling time.  I was excited to have the opportunity to review the T-fal OptiGrill


The T-fal OptiGrill is the first and only indoor grill  with Precision Grilling Technology, which will detect the quantity,  temperature, and thickness of your items and alert you when it is at  each cooking stage (rare,medium well done, etc.) So there is no more  need to cut into your steak or meats to check if they are done – with OptiGrill you know it will be grilled exactly to your preference.

Just select one of the preset cooking programs and start grilling:

–Red Meat
–Manual – perfect for vegetables

It can defrost meat quickly and grill not only  frozen chicken, but it’s also great for grilling frozen burger buns and other frozen foods.   The plates are also tilted so that fat and grease can flow down and be caught in the basin. Great for healthy eating!  Finally, the plates are easy to clean as they are removable  and dishwasher safe. (Unlike other similar indoor grills.)  The  appearance of the OptiGrill is modern and sleek, and not an eye-sore on  the countertop. Currently, the OptiGrill is priced at $179 and a great  option for those who do not have space for a grill or just want  something small and convenient.

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My take:  One of the biggest reasons I have always left grilling up to my husband is because I can never guesstimate when meat is done.  We tried the T-fal OptiGrill this weekend and totally loved it, I wanted to tackle my biggest fear, raw chicken so we bought chicken breasts and were ready to try it out.  There is literally no assembly to this grill other than sliding the drip tray into place.  It took less than 3 minutes to read the instructions and we were ready.  You simply plug the grill into an electrical outlet, turn the system on and select what type of meat you want to cook.  It takes about 5-7 minutes to preheat and the flashing purple light changes to a solid purple and a beep alerts you when it is time to place the meat in.  The chicken was carefully placed in the grill, the plates shut and I did not do anything else with the system until it beeped the chicken was cooked.

The chicken breasts were perfectly cooked, juicy and at all dried out.  Two favorite aspects stand out to me- there was no fuss or guesstimating at whether the chicken was fully cooked and the clean up was the most simplest I have ever witnessed.  Slide the drip tray out, and press the release button for the cooking plates to be removed.  Place in the dishwasher and you are done.  No more scrubbing the grossy fatty grease by hand.  Don’t want to cook chicken?  You can cook a variety of other meat any way you like it (rare, medium and well done) by a simple press of a button.  It also has a manual button if you want to grill on your own.

Here is a picture straight out of the box:


Picture of one of the cooking plates removed from the grill:


Picture of all the different options:


Now I can look forward to grilled meat any season of the year!


Press Sample