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SwirliDo Hair Ties are good for all hair types! They hold on tight & come off smoothly from your hair. Will not leave pony lines after use! Great for workouts and sports. It comes eight pieces per pack and in five different color themes.

I don’t know if your kids do this, but mine like to put hair ties on their wrists and when i force them to remove the excess 20 bands it looks as if someone tied them up with wire! Its horrible looking. It drives me insane too because its as if i am talking to a wall; 2 mins later 20 more are back on them. I guess its a style lol. Either way i cant stand regular hair bands. They get caught up in your hair and make you have headaches from giving you a face-lift with a ponytail. Plus don’t dare put your hair up after a shower. You will have a crazy design in it once you find and try to remove the band.

I had the chance to review a new twist on hair ties called SwirliDo. They leave no hair marks, they are extremely light in your hair (no headaches!), and if you put them on your arms (kids!) there are no marks.

I have to admit, i am addicted to these. I absolutely love them. For sure on my top 10 best for all ages. They are easy to put in because you don’t have to wrap them up 8 times to hold your hair up, they are easy to remove (no getting your hair caught up!) and great for wet or dry hair.

I use mine while blogging & cleaning mainly. My hair is short (about to my chin) but i always pull my bangs back and this is the easiest thing to me. I always forget about it too. Ariel likes them because mom doesn’t pull her hair when putting in a ponytail and Jasymne likes them on her wrists of course lol.

They come in several colors and because of the clear ones, they can blend in just fine with any color hair!

Would i buy SwirliDo Hair Ties? Yes!

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  1. I need a swirlido beacause my 2 daughters and I all have long, crazy hair. We’re always putting our hair up in regular ponytail holders until the holders break! We need something better.

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