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For the past 5 years my husband and boys have planted a vegetable garden.  We have gradually increased our planting site from a small patch bordering the patio to an elevated vegetable garden bed which means more planting fun!  I recently had the opportunity to work with Sustainable Seed Company.


We are California’s number one LOCAL source for sustainably-grown organic heirloom vegetable seeds. We offer over 300 heirloom organic tomato seeds alone grown right here in California.  Based in Northern California, we live here, grow organic here and   support the local economy here in California. We are helping to grow a   New Sustainable California.  We started this organic vegetable seed company because we wanted to be healthier, stronger, and more local in our food sources. We wanted to   bring organic food back to the backyard!

I was given a $40 gift certificate and I was amazed at the VAST selection Sustainable Seed Company had to offer.  We finally narrowed our choice to :

Organic Crimson Sweet Watermelon Seeds:

watermelonCrimson Sweet is truly…well…sweet…with a high sugar content around 12%!  This mouth watering watermelon produces 20-25# fruits with juicy red flesh.  Your kids will not be disappointed by the taste, but they might not win any seed spitting contest as Crimson Sweet contains very few seeds.  Crimson Sweet watermelon thrives in a wide range of climates. This watermelon is resistant to anthracnose and fusarium wilt.  Make lots of room for crimson sweet watermelon as it spreads 6-10′ growing the absolute sweetest melons of all.  It even has an award to prove it!

Big Max  Pumpkin Seed

pumpBig max is really big, commonly producing giant 100 lb bright orange pumpkins. This fantastic pumpkin has scrumptious bright yellow-orange fine-grained flesh.  The skin can be as thick as 3-4″ on Big Max.  With Big Max you will carve the biggest pumpkins on the block this Halloween or make tons pumpkin pie, either way you can’t go wrong with these show stopping pumpkins.  Don’t plant them next to the road unless you want folks stopping to take photos!

Cinderella  Pumpkin Seed

pu2The Cinderella pumpkin is deeply ridged, exceptionally flattened fruits weigh 25-35 lbs. Pumpkins are born on extremely productive vines if given plenty of manure/mulch.  Cinderella’s pumpkin has thick walls that are sweet, moist and custard like.  Perfect for pies, pumpkin bread or canning.

Basil, Italian  Large Leaf

basilLarge leaf is a Genovese-type basil that grows 18 to 24 inches high and 2′ wide.  Giant shiny green leaves full of heady aroma that just make your mouth water.  This is a favorite of many gardeners because when cooking you need only a few leaves to add that distinctively yummy flavor to your dish.  For the same reason it makes loads of basil pesto with just a few plants.

Catnip Herb Seed

catCatnip needs little explanation as it is the easy to grow herb that drives cats wild.  Give it to them fresh or dry it for toys anyway you go about it you are going to drive your cat wild!  So easy to grow it is almost like a weed.  Never pay the high prices in the pet store when you can grow your own!

Dynamite  Popcorn Seeds


Dynamite popcorn produces large ears with yellow-orange kernels.  High yielding.  5′ stalks and 6″ ears of excellent quality.  Ears are slender, about 7 in. long, with 12-16 straight rows of large, yellow pearly smooth kernels.

Strawberry Popcorn Seeds

spopStrawberry popcorn is a great little popcorn plant that only grows about four foot high, but has at least two ears on every stalk.  Deep red kernels fill these little ears enchanting children and everyone that sees them.  Can you imagine, red popcorn?  How cool is that!  Your kids will be fascinated as they watch these ruby-red kernels pop into fluffy white tasty treats.  Make excellent fall decoration as well.

Organic Oregon Sugar Pod II

peaThis edible-pod snow pea is not only extra sweet, but an extremely heavy yielder. Pea pods are 4-5″, thick and tasty. Vines 24″-34″.  Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea bears 10 days earlier than Mammoth Melting Sugar Pea. Resistant to both pea enation virus and powdery mildew.

Organic  Evergreen White Bunching Nebuka Onions

onionFantastic for green onions.  Evergreen White produces clusters of 5-9 long, tall, crisp, silvery white stalks.  Amazing flavor for a non-bulbing onion that is slow to go to seed.  Good for spring or fall planting.

Organic  Muncher Burpless Cucumber Seeds

cucDo you love cucumbers, but can’t stand the indigestion that comes later with some varieties?  Look no further!  This is exactly what Muncher Burpless was developed for.  Enjoy cool, crisp cucumbers without the aftermath.  Muncher has white spines, averages 5-6″ long and 2″ in width.  Excellent with balsamic, in salads or even makes a good pickle. Good producer.

Organic Black Krim Tomato Seeds

tomBlack krim makes its way to us from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea off the coast of the Crimean Peninsula. Black krim produces beefsteak tomatoes that are 4′ long by 5 1/2″ wide.  Deeply mahogany colored, slighlty flattened with green gel coats.

Organic Sweet Pickle Pepper Seeds

pepperSweet pickle pepper is a stunning addition to any garden.  Compact, bushy plants reach 15″ tall and are covered with clusters on 2 inch long fruits, fruits color (through maturity) yellow to orange to red to purple.  They are held upright on the plant.  Very tasty.  Sweet thick walls, perfect for pickles or salad use.  Excellent fresh as well as pickled.  Seeds are not bitter.

Organic  Tendersweet Carrot Seed


Tendersweet has long, 9-10″ tapered roots; rich orange color; sweet, and coreless.  This heirloom carrot is a reliable producer that has been pleasing folks for generations.  Try tendersweet carrot seed in your Victory Garden!

My take:  Can you tell what we will be doing this spring/summer lol?  The boys literally gasped in delight when they saw all of our choices.  We were all very pleased and a little in awe that we were able to get such a variety for only $40.  The website was informative, easy to navigate and we had such a tough time picking out our favorites.  We even received an added treat when we opened our package a found a thank you pack of eggplant seeds!  I will be back to update this post with our planted vegetable garden and pics throughout the summer of our harvest!



I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. I did a receive free product samples to keep for my testing purposes. I was under no obligation to write a positive review for the product. Receiving the product for free did not persuade my personal beliefs or views. My views are solely my own opinions.

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