SUBWAY Tuscan Chicken Melt


SUBWAY® restaurants has added a new limited-time offer to their FRESH FIT™ menu during the month of October— the Tuscan Chicken Melt! I had the opportunity to swing by my local SUBWAY to try out the new sandwich. As you can see by my picture below, I opted for the foot long on the 9-grain wheat bread. The foot long is only $6, so it seemed like a no-brainer to get the big kahuna!

I loaded this baby up with lots of veggies, so much so that it barely closed! Buried under all of those fresh veggies you’ll find seasoned chicken strips coated with a tangy balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The 6″ Tuscan Chicken Melt on the 9-grain wheat bread runs you 380 calories and 8 grams of fat per sandwich — proof that good-for-you can also taste delicious. I picked up my Tuscan Chicken Melt on a work day so I took it back to the office. While sitting in the kitchen, I got lots of glances from my coworkers and plenty of responses like “yummy, that looks good!” I devoured my sandwich, probably faster than I should have, and I look forward to making future SUBWAY runs to get the Tuscan Chicken Melt before the limited-time offer is over!

If you are interested in more good-for-you options, be sure to look out for the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check logo on SUBWAY menus! SUBWAY restaurants have always aimed to provide you with better options and tasty alternatives to greasy fast food. Heart-Check certified SUBWAY sandwiches meet the AHA’s stringent nutrition criteria, which includes measurements for sodium, calories, cholesterol, saturated fat and trans-fat levels.



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