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How many of you stay up late like me and see every info commercial and think how much you want one. But then a new one comes on and you seriously jump to alert and really WANT it. I seen a commercial for Stuffies and grabbed my computer to find out about it. It looked like so much dang fun, I wanted one for me my daughters.

Watch their commercial below and then I will explain what they are:

Stuffies™ toys are more than just a loveable, huggable pet. With 7 secret pockets, they keep your child’s treasures safe and sound and SO much more! Just throw in their pajamas, and they’re the perfect travelling buddies for sleepovers. Soft and plush, Stuffies make for a cozy pillow at home or on the go. Best of all, it’s what’s inside that counts – each Stuffie™ comes with its own secret gift hidden inside. 

Ok, so 1st off, we always tell our kids, don’t judge a book because its what’s on the inside that counts. This is basically off that quote. These awesome pets have 7 secret pockets (I think I only found 4 of them so far lol). But they are snuggly still. So they are able to put their MP3 players in them, or their DS, maybe a note from their best friend, and then still use it as a pillow.

I was sent 2 of them for review, and I am glad they surprised me on the animal choices because I certainly would not have been able to pick just one….or two. My girls were floored. They knew no other kid on our block had those yet. My youngest couldn’t believe you could hide stuff in them. I just has to reassure her, FOOD was not allowed in her dinosaur or it would make the Stuffie poop in her bed. Yea, that did the trick for that one just fine lol. My oldest actually likes to hide little things in her bed, pens, paper, games; at least i know where to look now if i can’t find her “long lost homework” ;- )

From a moms aspect: Adorable is not the word. Large is not the word (CoughBear is a crazy 20 inches long, 12 inches high, 9 inches wide!!). Outstanding quality is not even the word. Combine those, stick the biggest smile on your kids face, and tattoo the word uniquely awesome on top of all that. That is how I would describe this new uber toy- Stuffies.

And just a side note- should they come out with a Panda, mama is getting one!

1 Winner will get a Stuffies of their own!


Which is your favorite Stuffies?

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