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STEM learning has been a big thing in my house since my oldest daughter turned 4.  She is so interested in learning and really gets into STEM programs.  When I was offered to review Little Engineer for the iPad, I knew it was going to be a good fit since she loves playing apps on the iPad.


The Explorer X is an interactive learning system that uses augmented reality (AR) to turn a table top into an immersive playing field for kids. The Explorer X allows the iPad to pick up movements of the game pieces and feeds this info back into the iPad in real time. “STEM Lab: Little Engineer” is a fun, interactive game that teaches children the fundamentals of coding in an entertaining, engaging fashion. Coding doesn’t have to be rows and rows of binary digits. STEM Lab: Little Engineer allows children to build maps and passages that help the main character, Q, fix robots.

Stem Learning

This app is designed for children aged 4-10 and helps them learn with a step by step program so it isn’t too difficult. My daughter was very quick to pick up the concept. It was fun watching her solve simple problems using easy to understand coding.

The process demonstrates oft-used programming instructions such as sequential, looping and conditional statements. The Little Engineer package includes the Explorer X system (iPad stand and front-facing camera attachment), a downloadable app and 15 child-friendly coding blocks constructed of silicone and plastic that complies with all food safety standards. The software stimulates kids’ problem-solving abilities and hones important STEM skills. The Explorer X is compatible with iPad2 and later.

The Explorer X and Little Engineer bundle retails for $79. For more info, visit I think this is a great price for the product. I’m most excited that I’m giving my daughter an early understanding of coding while making it fun for her to understand.  I know coding will be beneficial for her in the future.

Press Sample I received this product in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. My son has autism and this would be right up his alley of something that would challenge him and be fun for him.

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