Staying Warm in our DAWGS {Plus 60% Off Coupon!}

Press Sample

It is freezing here! Well, freezing for North Carolina. Don’t roll your eyes, I know it’s not Alaska or Ohio, but 25 degrees is no joke here. I want the beach breeze and sunshine back! Well, it can snow for Saint Nick, and then let’s get some sun. 

Last month, I told you all about Dawgs footwear and so many of you picked up some (with our 60% off code!). Good thing too! We received ours so we wanted to show you how they look. My girls were so excited for their Dawgs. My oldest said “Oh my gosh, I wanted these! They are so soft and warm!” My youngest loved that they were pink, soft, warm and customizable (the Mickey & Ariel are clip-on charms you can purchase HERE). Plus, her fuzzy insoles are removable for summer. 

You can see, these are a favorite and well worn already!
DAWGS Women’s 9-inch Microfiber boot
Some is loving her boots

As a parent, I am loving the price of quality footwear like DAWGS. It’s a brand that is affordable (use code SB to save 60%!!), cute, modern and trendy. They are perfect for all ages, all seasons and unisex.

60% off sitewide + Free shipping (full priced items) with coupon code: SB 

Press Sample I received compensation and shoes in exchange for my feedback.