Sneaky Things You Didn’t Know About Discount Codes

I love online shopping, and I tend to buy almost everything this way. It’s not because I’m lazy to go to a real store, but I just love having things delivered to my home without me having to waste time and gas and energy to do it myself.

Above all, I love how almost every online store offers some discount code or promo deal. I did my math and realized that I am saving more money this way rather than shopping in real stores.

What I want to share with you are the things you need to be aware of when comes to discount codes. Yes, there is a whole philosophy to this thing, and not everyone knows about it.

  1. Not every code applies for all products – To be honest, I’ve learned this the hard way when I purchased several things from this online store and realized that the discount code I had was meant only for the products that weren’t on sale (or that didn’t already have a discount). Well, I was not pleased, but I still paid for my things because I needed them.

So, I want to spread the word – open your eyes and read. Usually, you won’t read this ‘warning’ with normal sized letters, but with super small ones, at the bottom of the page or right under the discount code. Anyway, it’s normal that the seller won’t sell all of their products on discount, so always check the selection with products that are on discount, because usually here you’ll find this info.

  1. Enter the code – I know you’re already thinking that I’m not the brightest bulb but let me tell you something, many people have been doing this the wrong way. Many times the codes have caps letters and numbers, and you need to be careful about entering it right if you don’t want to get easily irritated and think that this code doesn’t work.

3.   Discount codes won’t just fall in your lap – When purchasing larger things, like a mattress, you will definitely have to spend more money, so why not be a “discount code hunter” and search online before you make your transaction. Not every website will offer you the code right there on the first page, ‘screaming’ in your face. Be persistent!

  1. Hard to find coupons? – I’ve been listening to my friends telling me that they can’t find any coupon and they wonder how on earth do I manage to find such great deals and discount codes all the time. Have you considered signing up for the website’s e-mails? I know, people find this thing annoying because they’ll have to clean their inbox, but trust me, once you sign up for their e-mails, you’ll get many one-time codes that will be of great help in your shopping.

Also, check the store’s social media, because more often than not, they tend to offer discount codes over there (follow people who are their brand ambassadors; they often share discount codes for their followers).

  1. How many products are enough – Let’s be honest, stores won’t just give you 20 percent off if you decide to get one item only (especially if it’s a cheaper one). Most stores offer discount codes in case you buy items above 50 dollars let’s say. Make sure you are well informed about your code before deciding to buy the thing you want. If you need more items from this store, then the code is undoubtedly a great way to save money.