@SmoothFitness Update: Runners Knee

Have you ever had “Runners Knee“? How do you even call it “runners knee” if you barely run!? I just ‘wog’ (see 1st post). But, I noticed slowly that after each wog, each bike ride, constant bending and getting up, that my knee felt as if it was burning on fire and as if it was going to give out. I chalked it up to just being old at first. Hey 31 can hit parts of your body real hard sometimes, right ladies?!

I went to the 1st doctor and after doing some Xrays, he said nothing was wrong. Ok I am just getting old then. Continue wogging, continue bike riding, continue bending, and just deal with the pain.

Until I woke up in the middle of the night feeling as if someone whacked my knee with a hammer and set it on fire. That was it for me. I drove myself to the ER. An hour later (it was a slow Sunday), I was in a full leg brace, had a prescription for swelling and a diagnosis as runners knee. Oh great. First off that brace was horrid. It was from my hip to my ankle. Lord. Doc said he didn’t want my knee to bend at all for 5 out of 7 days. I pretty much laughed. I am a mom, in the middle of a move across the globe, and I do try to stay active. So I did some research for my brace options and decided to purchase one called Shock Doctor, I purchased the Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter With Bilateral Hinges in XL. If you order one, go larger because I tried on the Medium at Dicks Sporting Goods and it was too tight but then ordered the Large and had to exchange it for the XL which is perfect. Order it off Amazon though, it’s cheaper. I ended up getting it for $54 and free shipping, that was $25 savings from the store price.

My other purchase was something more incredible than sliced bread. Bengay Zero Degrees. Wow. That stuff is incredible. You just pop it in the freezer, then apply it to your knee (or wherever). It’s worth buying hands down. It runs about $10 at Walmart but check out the Bengay site for coupons also. I bought it when the Sunday paper had a $4 off coupon in it. I ended up getting 2 so I don’t run out while traveling.

Back to my Smooth Fitness. I am steady at 165 pounds, down 10 pounds total since I started. That may not seem like a lot to some, but that’s a great accomplishment for me. I am not wogging right now, just walking. I have moments where I just want to burst out and run but I know it’s not happening right now. Plus it’s not like my knee is going to bend much in this brace anyways. My sister is here visiting and loves my treadmill so I will be updating my next post with her feedback.


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