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I just returned for a few days at the beach and what better time to try out SmartShield Self Tanner with SPF 15?

Lets start with a little about SmartShield: “IT ALL STARTED WITH A FRECKLE: In 1992, our family found out Harl’s freckle wasn’t a freckle. It was a precancerous spot.

We were like most people. We knew we should wear sunscreen, but we didn’t always do it. Sunscreen was always too messy, too greasy and too smelly. So, we set out to develop a sunscreen that people would want to use. A tough sunscreen that absorbed quickly into the skin, provided all-day protection, and didn’t interfere with our everyday activities.

We wanted a smarter sunscreen: Non-oily, light on the skin and eco-friendly.

We found the perfect formula in 1995. And people love it. When they feel it on their skin, they’re hooked.

No more mess. No more oily hands. No harsh chemicals.

Finally, The Perfect Sunscreen!”*


Self Tanner Lotion with SPF 15

SmartShield’s SPF 15 Lotion with Self Tanner protects, hydrates and moisturizes your skin while building a natural, healthy glow.

This eco-friendly self-tanning product uses DHA, instead of dyes or stains to cause the body to produce melanin and create a natural, safe tan. The oil-free formula contains Vitamins A, C and E and Aloe Vera. It blocks both UVB and UVA rays that cause premature aging with Avobenzone.*

Three days before we left for the beach I knew it was the perfect time to try out this self tanner.  There is not a whole lot of instruction on the bottle, just apply evenly 20 minutes before sun exposure.  I applied the lotion right after the shower and only had to wait about five minutes for it to be completely absorbed into my skin.  I then waited until later in the day to check and see if you could tell a difference in the color.  There was definitely a light golden hue to my skin.  The next morning in better light I checked to see how even it was.  With the exception of my ankles, elbows and a bit of unevenness on my feet the coverage was very nice.  The second day I applied it again, but this time avoided my elbows and feet.  I also took a towel right after the shower and scrubbed my elbows and ankles.  This took care of the uneven coverage.   I should mention in case you don’t have experience in self tanners, you ALWAYS need to wash your hands after you apply the lotion.  I am happy to say the my pale white legs were a nice light golden brown just in time for the beach!  The perfect sun kissed look without the damaging effects to my skin!

My Thoughts: I have been using self tanning products for many years in order to avoid the harmful effects of the sun.  I would rank this among the top for natural color, ease of application and the feel of it on your skin.  It is not oily and absorbs pretty quickly and even looks natural on your face.  Overall a great product that will give you a reliable and natural looking tan!

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