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I am back with another great book from Sleeping Bear Press:  a little about Sleeping Bear Press:


Since our first success with The Legend of Sleeping Bear (Official Children’s Book of Michigan) in 1998, Sleeping Bear Press has impressed young readers, parents, teachers and booksellers with high-quality, beautifully illustrated picture books. As a small regional publisher based in  Ann Arbor, Michigan, we’re proud to say that readers throughout the country know us by name. Our authors and illustrators are visiting more schools and bookstores than ever before. Our books have inspired sterling reviews, won awards, have been featured in presentations and even found their way under the White House Christmas tree. No matter our size, our goal remains the same: Provide books that enrich children’s lives through stories that blend entertaining text with educational content.

Now more than 10 years after the publication of The Legend of Sleeping Bear, our list has continued to grow and expand. In addition to our widely known Discover America State-by-State series, we have more than six different series including our Tales of Young Americans and our newest series Tales of the World.

Scare a Bear:


Do you know how to scare a bear?

Would you bang pots and pans?

Would you rattle some cans?

Would you shout?

Would you yell?

Would you ring a loud bell?

Do you know how to scare a bear?

How would you scare a bear out of your cabin? Or out of your fishing boat? How about away from your campfire?

And what if he climbed in your bunk?

Would the bed go kerplunk?

From the author-illustrator team who created Moose on the Loose comes yet another example of the high jinks and hilarity that happens when wildlife wanders indoors. In this contest of wills, who will win? And once again, by story’s end, young campers will know exactly how to scare a bear!

Retails for $15.95.

My take:  Very charming story and illustrations.  I knew as soon as I began reading this book that this author wrote Moose on the Loose.  The boys loved this book!




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