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Do your children love books? I have to say I look forward to reading books as much as my 3 yr old does. I love the stories, the words, and in many books the illustrations. Such is the case with the book I am reviewing today. I was fortunate enough to be able to review Say Daddy from Sleeping Bear Press and let me tell you it is a keeper. A little about the book/author from Sleeping Bear Press:


Mother shares a book about love while Brother shares a book about friendship. Next Aunt Grace shares a book about adventure. Everyone in this family is eager to share books and have the newest member’s affection and attention. But all kidding aside, this family knows the bond that is created when reading aloud with someone you love.
When Daddy closed the last page, he smiled at me for hours and said, ‘Say Daddy! Say Daddy!’ He hoped that would be my first word!  But wait. Did we hear correctly? ‘Book,’ I said. ‘Book!’
Educator Michael Shoulders, who has devoted his career and life to spreading the word that “reading is magic,” offers a gentle tale reinforcing the bonding power of a good book and the importance of developing lifelong reading skills. Having been involved in education in many different roles for more than years, Dr. Michael Shoulders travels extensively, visiting schools and speaking conferences across the country. He has written several books for Sleeping Press.

My take:
My absolute favorite thing about this story is the emphasis on books. We all know books allow children to open their imagination and dream anything possible. What better gift to give a child than a book.? This book’s illustrations are soft, dreamlike, and perfect for bedtime reading. It talks about important values children need to learn while gently lulling them to sleep.

Say Daddy is a wonderful, enchanting book sure to appeal to children and adults alike. I love that Sleeping Bear Press is dedicated to producing distinctive children’s books with rich content. Books that benefit not only the children who love them but also the adults who read them aloud in schools, libraries, and to their families each night at bedtime.






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