Should You Purchase A Mattress Online?

Online stores have grown in popularity especially when it comes to mattress shopping. But, are they an ideal location? Earlier this year, I was forced to replace my daughter’s mattress because she complained of always waking up with pain in her lower back. From my past shopping experience, I didn’t think that the process would be complicated at all. Of course, I was wrong and realized that the world of mattress shopping had changed entirely!

With many online stores selling various products from different brands, it’s almost impossible to get the mattress that you want. Luckily, we were able to get the best product with ease. So, if you want to try out online shopping, here’s what you’ll need to keep in mind:

They Have Amazing Offers!

From my own experience and from consulting reliable mattress information sources like, I can tell you that purchasing a mattress is an intimate process. You’ll spend almost a third of your entire life asleep so get the best there is! In this case, the best mattress deal is one that gives you all that you want at an affordable price.

I also learned that nowadays, online mattress stores come with lots of offers. Some are even insanely generous in my point of view. A good example is getting a 90 to 100 days free trial to decide whether you like the product. If it does not please you, they’ll have it collected and later recycle or donate it.

Favourable Prices

Compared to buying a mattress in a physical store, online shopping comes with lower rates. This makes sense because owners of these shops don’t have to pay for showrooms or salaries for their salespeople. In a store, factors such as head costs are considered in the overall price tag, but in the online marketplace, they just don’t exist!

Amazing Package and Delivery

If you buy a mattress online and have it delivered by FedEx or UPS, you’ll be quite amazed at their method of the package. They are tightly rolled and put in tubes for shipping that makes the process of shipping and delivery pretty easy. However, remember to let it decompress for some time when you remove it from the tube.


As we’ve seen, there are many advantages to buying mattresses online. The online marketplaces have come a long way in offering quality goods, quick delivery and at low prices! There is only one disadvantage that I came across:

Where will you take your old mattress?

So you’ve bought your new mattress online and its now sitting pretty in your bedroom. But where should you take your old one? The beauty of using physical stores is that the delivery guy will quickly haul your mattress away and later take it to the store for recycling. Well, don’t expect your UPS driver to do the same!

I tried to sell it on craigslist, but no one really wants to buy an old mattress. So I let put it on the balcony to the utter discomfort of my neighbors. I finally decided to sell it to a recycling company, but searching for one cost me a lot!


I know you’re now ready to go mattress shopping online! First, ask colleagues and relatives about the best online shopping sites and then log in when you get the chance. Go through all the products carefully and settle on the one that gives you that ‘wow’ feeling.