Shoreline Washington Sears Outlet Review


I had the chance to visit the Shoreline Washington Sears Outlet in August. It was about an hour away from my house, past Seattle. (Thank goodness my husband drove because that traffic is crazy lol.)

Seattle – Outlet Stores
15711 1/2 Aurora Ave N
Shoreline, WA 98133

Phone Number:
(206) 417-3575

So the first thing i noticed was a lack of a sign out front. We pulled into this shopping plaza and just happen to see a small sign being held by bricks by the entrance. It was truly a sad sad sign. Now the Outlet was joined with a front line Sears and Sears Auto, so it looked as if it fit right in. I figured what better place right?

As soon as i walked in, i noticed it was tiny. A few isles of small appliances and rows of refrigerators. Too many to me. Call it the Sears Outlet Fridge Store lol. I walked around a bit to see what they did have. I seen quite a few items that my Tacoma store did not have and some auto items that were priced great. I even purchased a big container of hand wipes for grease for only 3.99.

Every review is not always a good review. I didn’t have any bad personal experience with the store, but i seen what could be a potently bad experience in the long run for this store itself, so here it is:

I kept noticing everyone who came in seemed like family. But then i noticed a line of people starting at the front of the store. That family was slowing…growing? I kept thinking to myself, wow what the heck are they having on sale today? Fridges? LOL. Instead i notice a sign by the door : Avis Car Rental.

This is where i am going to vent to the CEO of Sears Outlet (or whoever is in charge of this store) a tad. What made you put a car rental place in your already super small store? And in front of the main door? Had i walked up to that door and seen the line, i would have assumed it was a overly full store and with my social anxiety..left. Also, i thought at first you were saving money by putting that store in an old Sears Auto spot, but in reality you are making your own store fight sales with its sister company, Sears. The manager told me several stories where paying customers left to go back to Sears to get the same item.You have no real signs, and what signs you do have, are stolen. The manager had to put bricks on the one i saw. (I am not sure who steals signs, especially a Sears Outlet one lol). I just can not get over the Avis car rental part. They have a sign on the door yet you don’t? It makes no sense at all. You are located on a main highway right after Seattle and you don’t even utilize it. I could give you a thousand ways to improve that store personally. One, get that car place out. Two, move that location to compete with some other store, not your own. Just my 2 cents for this visit. Think about what customers go through to get in & out of that store.

If you do want to profit off of it, why not move the suitcases by the front door. At least Avis customers would be interested in those.

* Just an update i did a little digging into information on this. I found a long line of Avis & Sears partnerships. Still, this would be different if this was a massive Sears we were dealing it. Its not. Its a super small, living room sized Outlet. With a car rental  inside. Can you tell this issue erked the heck out of me!? *

Ok back from my rant lol. I was able to pick up an item to review in this store. I chose a Kalorik 2 qt. Deep Fryer with Glass Bowl. It seemed and looked like a nice fryer. I myself am not into cooking with any oils as i am petrified of a fire. Plus i just honestly suck at cooking lol. How we have survived this long is beyond me. Well we got this home and my husband tried to use it. I say try because we could not figure out the cord. It kept coming apart. Come to realize it has a magnetic cord for obvious safety reasons i suppose. However it doesn’t stay together easy unless you do not bump or touch it. So you could be frying up some goodies and then go over to check on it and see the cord was bumped and it shut off. Good for safety but will drive you up a wall in headaches for the cord. Now if you can get past that issue, the fryer itself does do the job and hasn’t had any problems. Easy to clean also. However my verdict is to save your money on this one and go for another model.


This Deep Fryer is a signature piece from the Kalorik Line of Appliances originally design by the famous European designer Neil Currie, one of the most unique fat fryer in the market today. With a 2.0 qt oil capacity, control light, Immersed heating element, Removable lid with washable grease filter, Stainless steel guard rings around the bowl, Non slip feet, Folding handle basket, A heat resistant see-through glass bowl which is imported from France – you could actually watch the food frying.

Deep fat fryer with glass bowl, 2.0 QT oil capacity, control light, immersed heating element, cool zone, removable lid with washable grease filter, stainless steel guard rings around the bowl, non slip feet, folding handle basket: High quality glass bowl. Hygienic, safe. Filter lid. Adjustable thermostat up to 375 deg F. Magnetic power cord connector. Plastic guard. High quality glass bowl. 2.0 QT oil capacity. Hygienic, safe. Adjustable thermostat up to 375 degree F. Magnetic power cord connector.

Check back soon as i revisited my Tacoma store last week and will go check up on Spencer and the group in Shoreline again this month. Maybe Avis moved out. Just Sayin.

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I received a product for my testing purposes and everything stated above is my absolute honest opinion.

I am a Sears Outlet Signature Team Mom

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  1. Awesome! Still wishing they had one closer to me! The used to have one in the town I grew up in in MS but it shut down a few years ago and we only have a regular Sears in the town I’m in now. I’ve been on the lookout for one around though!

  2. That’s Awesome!!! I love Sears, I’m so glad we still have one here where I live! Looks like you had a great time!

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